Travel Guide To Dubrovnik, Croatia


Dubrovnik is a coastal town of Croatia situated at the far-end of the isthmus. It is a metropolis that thrives from maritime trade as well as tourism. Entering Dubrovnik is similar to being in a paradise on Earth. This is as said by George Bernard Shaw who was significantly enchanted by the city.

History of Dubrovnik

The coastal city of Ragusa, currently Dubrovnik, was constructed in the 7th century while the invasions of barbarians cause to populace who settled in the region to take refuge in the area. For the subsequently four centuries, it flourished and became an extensive influence along the coastal region as it traded on the Mediterranean waters. However in 1667, an earthquake ruined the island; destroy many of its Renaissance persuade. The city was then built in Baroque style, which is what is seen today. By the late 19th century, Dubrovnik turned into a tourist destination in Europe. In December 1991, though, it was bombarded with shells from the weaponry of Serbia and Montenegro, mainly to lower the optimism of Croatian populace. But international organization came to the rescue to protect the treasures of Dubrovnik.

Things to Do In Dubrovnik

Places to visit with activities to do in Dubrovnik are innumerable. For those enthralled by the architecture of the religious sites, you could visit the Synagogue build in 1546 and the Franciscan Monastery, a 14th century church as well as monastery, with collection of ancient manuscripts as well as a pharmacy museum. There are museums in addition to historic sites too. The Rector’s Palace is a chronological museum with stunning architectures and splendid staircase at the courtyard. The War Photo Ltd. exhibits the works of photojournalists throughout wars. You can as well go island-hopping. The Lopud Island has grand beaches; the Lokrum Island has a lake like the Dead Sea. Half of Mljet is a nationwide park; Elafiti Island is superior for sightseeing; and Sipan is outstanding for a quiet walk. There is as well the Kojan Koral that offer horseback ride experience for the adventurous. And for the most significant experience in Dubrovnik, never miss to visit the Ancient City Walls as well as the Old Town of Dubrovnik, which is selected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Center. For suitable apartment visit

The Adriatic Sea is the holiday destination for numerous people since it is so outstanding for sun worshipers. If you love the sun and cannot wait to sunbathe then you must definitely visit the National Park Brijuni Islands, in addition to Sibenik, Dubrovnik and Zadar. The coast of Croatia would be breathtaking, however be forewarned, not all the beaches are perfect since several of them could have more pebbles plus rocks than sand.

Getting To Dubrovnik

To visit Dubrovnik, there is the Dubrovnik airport situated 20km from the city center. It serves numerous domestic and international airlines. Its bus scheme is as well comprehensive as it serves diverse locations inside Croatia. Next to the bus station is a sea port wherever ferries from Bari and Rijeka travel frequently. For Eurail Pass holder, the closest train station is Ploe, which is a 2 hour bus journey away.