Tips For Traveling By Road

Tips For Traveling By Road

Vacations at last! If this summer you plan on visiting a tourist spot and you plan to do it by road; Here we leave some recommendations so that you get good to your destination and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

The Car

When you go to travel on the road, you have to be 100% sure that your car is in perfect condition. Remember to check the water levels, oil and fluids.

Check It

A few days before your trip, take your car to a mechanic service, so check hoses, brakes, suspension, etc. This will help detect any mechanical failure.


Make sure your tires are in good condition, when the tires are properly inflated helps reduce fuel and last longer. Do not forget the spare tire and equipment to change.


Bring the necessary equipment, if surge baggage car I could increase the risk of rollover in a curve. Seek to accommodate the luggage in the trunk and not on the awning of the car.

The Route

The times and know how to get are important parts of your trip. Design a route and calculate the cost of tolls and gasoline.


When planning a route to avoid wasting time. Estimated travel times including stops for breaks. Take along a map will be useful for some unexpected.

Tips For Traveling By Road


Cash charge for the booths and petrol. They not always accept credit cards.


Technology is on our side. A GPS device is a great tool that lets us know where you come from, where you are and which route to take to reach your destination.


When you are driving it is important to pack quickly, calmly and respects leads break times. Remember that safety for all passengers in the vehicle is the most important.


All passengers must wear a seatbelt, either in the back or in the child seat. Remember that children must ride behind.


The driver must sleep at least eight hours before the trip and rest at least every four hours to stretch the muscles.


The driver should not eat heavy meals before and during the journey. It is best to stay well hydrated.

Other Recommendations

Plan your trip in advance, thus manage to avoid disruptions in the travel and creates stress on your holiday.

Go Prepared

Do not forget personal and car insurance documents. If you suffer a mishap you will be of great help.


Comply at all times respect the signaling and speed index. The maximum permissible road is 80 km / h.

Avoid When Driving

Distracted by the phone, smoking, driving under the influence of alcohol and driving at high speed.

Travelling by car is a different and fun experience. Follow these recommendations for the moment is not ruined. Enjoy your holiday and remember that you want back home.