These UK Gin Flavors Will Wow Your Taste Buds (Infographics)

Gin from the United Kingdom is known throughout the world. It has been distilled in the U.K. for more than 400 years, with British gin distillers creating gin with some of the most distinctive flavor notes you will ever taste.

If you like to taste gins that are completely unique and that will wow your taste buds, these phenomenal British gins will certainly delight.

Two Birds Gin — Two Birds Spirit has only been distilling gin for just over three years. In that time, though, they have managed to produce a gorgeous gin with distinct flavor notes of coriander and orris root. You may want to try this one first, though, as each batch they distill only produces 100 bottles.

Cotswolds Dry Gin — This distillery is run by a botanist that knows the secret to superb gin — botanicals. He adds grapefruit, bay leaves, cardamom, pepper, and lavender to create some of the most unique flavor notes you will ever experience in a gin.

The Lakes Gin — Distilled in the iconic Lakes District, The Lakes Gin has flavor notes of bilberry, juniper, meadowsweet and heather and goes down a treat with lemon or lime.

Slamseys Sloe Gin — More of a fruity gin, Slamseys Sloe Gin has flavor notes of blackberries and is superb drunk with a slice of apple.

Sipsmith London Dry Gin — If you love a dry gin, Slipsmith with its juniper, lemon and orange marmalade flavor notes and drunk with juniper berry or lime will definitely hit the spot.

Infographic Source: Sykes Cottages,

These UK Gin Flavors Will Wow Your Taste Buds (Infographics)