The Best Music Fests In Australia

If you have been thinking about taking a motorhome hire and traveling around a foreign country and discovering new places, experiences, and people, may we suggest Australia? Australia is where you will find incredible things-to-do, beautiful scenery, and really nice people.

The Best Music Fests In Australia

Something that you may want to do while here is visit the amazing music festivals that go on throughout the year. Australia is a fabulous place with lively and friendly people who will make your visit one that you will undoubtedly enjoy. Add a music festival to your plans and you will leave Australia with several new friends and acquaintances.

To help you get started, we have compiled some of the best music fests in Australia.

Top 5 Music Festivals in Australia

  • Soundwave Festival: Do you like metal music or punk? Are you interested in enjoying a night of intense music and moshing with other like-minded people? The Soundwave Festival takes place during the months of February and March, in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland, Adelaide, and Gold Coast.
  • WOMADelaide: Can you take a guess where this festival happens? Not only does it happen in one of the greatest cities in Australia, but its setting is in a botanical garden in the middle of the city. Convenient, ideal, and with music genres such as reggae, funk, and more, you will surely enjoy this music festival if your trip takes you to Adelaide during the month of March.
  • Electric Gardens: For electric music lovers, you will want to take some time to visit the music festival Electric Gardens in the months of January and February, either in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne. You will definitely get the chance to see well-known artists and DJ’s at Electric Gardens, so check out the line-up before your trip. You may very well find that it’s the perfect addition to your road trip.
  • Melbourne Jazz Festival: Do you enjoy jazz music? The perfect music festival for you would be the Melbourne Jazz Festival which happens every year in April and May, in Melbourne. If Melbourne is on your itinerary for these months, you will not want to miss out on this 11-day festival that provides you with a calm music experience that will be musically satisfying. Because the artists perform in different venues, you can avoid the festival crowds.
  • Byron Bay Bluesfest: Blues music, friendly and happy people, and great weather are just some of the great things that you will find when you take the time to visit Byron Bay Bluefest during Easter weekend, in Byron Bay. It’s a five-day music festival, so you can visit for only one day if you want or go ahead and go all out and enjoy 5 days of blues music.

If you are from the states, you may be accustomed to going to the famous music festivals such as Coachella or Lollapalooza, and don’t want to miss out. The good news is that the best music festivals take place before your summer months, making a trip to Australia to enjoy the music festivals a great plan.