The Appeal Of KohSamui, Thailand

The Appeal Of KohSamui, Thailand

Thailand is an interesting country, given its history and culture. Today, it also boasts a burgeoning economy. Combine this with the country’s tropical climate and lush green scenery and you will certainly believe you are living in paradise.

An Introduction to KohSamui

One of the areas of Thailand that has extra appeal is KohSamui. KohSamui is an island that is situated off the eastern coast of the Kra Isthmus in Thailand. As of 2012, KohSamui is a self-governing municipality. The island is the second largest in Thailand. Only the island of Phuket is bigger. KohSamui is an idyllic paradise as it is home to coral reefs, coconut trees, and sandy beaches.

Besides the aforementioned tropical scenery, KohSamui also boasts a repertoire of other interesting sights. For example, the isle hosts a number of manmade and natural attractions from interesting rock forms to beautiful cascades. For any visitors interested in religious architecture and imagery, the island’s Big Buddha is certainly made to impress, especially during sunset. Nature lovers on the island often find a getaway at the Ang Thong Marine National Park as well.

The Ang Thong National Marine Park

The Ang Thong National Marine Park is an archipelago of 42 islands located in the Gulf of Thailand. The landscape highlights white-sand beaches, a thick jungle, lush mangroves, hidden coves, lakes, and waterfalls. The islands are home to a rich variety of marine creatures and exotic and tropical wildlife.

Where to Stay on KohSamui

You can also retreat to one of KohSamui’s luxury villas when you are not enjoying the scenery. Not only do the homes provide quiet and luxurious retreats, but they are designed for both holiday-goers and anyone who wants to take up permanent residence. You can find out more about the homes by visiting online.

The Big Buddha

As mentioned, the Big Buddha shrine is a must-see sight on the island. The icon is probably the island’s most well-known landmark. The statue stands 12 metres high and can be seen from several kilometres away. You are not likely to forget it once you spot it. Inside the Buddha’s temple are a great many shrines and smaller Buddhas. A market is also located at the site that sells souvenirs, lucky charms, and food.

The Na Muang Waterfalls

Whilst KohSamui boasts a variety of waterfalls, the Na Muang waterfalls are probably the most stunning. The two cascades feature purple rocks and are accessed by a staircase made of tree roots and rocks. The name Nu Muang references the purple rocks. A natural pool also sits below the waterfall.

The Mummy Monk at WatKhunaramLamai

The body of KohSamui’s most famous mummy, a monk called LuangPordaeng, is on display on the island too. The monk died over 20 years ago. Per his direction, his body has been placed in a glass case for posterity. The body has showed little signs of decay.

The KohSamui Aquarium

First-time visitors also do not want to miss a visit to the island’s aquarium. The aquarium features many types of the country’s indigenous marine life both below and above the water’s surface. Guests can see huge catfish, coral fish, and even several sharks. The zoo next to the aquarium features such animals as Asian tigers, hornbills, sea hawks, and otters who also perform.