The 4 Most Important Areas Of Your Home You Need To Clean

Spring has always been the best time to do your cleaning, hence the term “spring cleaning”, but if you wait to do your cleaning once a year, you might be in for a very bad time. You see, dust and allergens can build up in your home within very short periods of time and when the time for cleaning actually comes around, you’re left flabbergasted at the sheer amount of work you need to do. Here are the four most important areas for your home you need to focus your cleaning on.

  • All the Walls 

Yes, you read that right. All of it. Many home owners forget that dust and grime can build not only on horizontal surfaces but completely vertical ones as well. Taking the time to give them a good wipe with a clean piece of cloth and preferably a soap mixture combined with water will help keep your house squeaky clean.

Young man washing floor in protective gloves

  • Your Curtains

Curtains come in all forms, colors and sizes which is why many home owners love to have them inside their house. They have the power to instantly make a room more cozy when the right combination of fabric and design are matched with the layout of the house. However, the fact remains that they are fabric and are very prone to have dust buildup. The logic is simple; dust is carried through the air and blown through our windows and our doors when we open them. Their first point of contact is usually the curtains which is why any responsible home owner should wash their curtains at least once every few weeks or so.

  • The Chandelier

Whether you have a chandelier or not, it is no surprise that many people often overlook this area when doing their cleaning. Maybe people just don’t spend enough time staring up at their lights to see all that buildup of grime and whatnot. Do yourself and everyone in your home a favor by gently wiping down every lamp, light bulb and light source that you have in your home.

  • Check Your Floors

This applies for any kind of floor you may have, whether its marble, hardwood or carpeted, you need to regularly clean your floors where your feet comes into contact the most. Dust and all other tiny allergens are easily carried through the air and when they’re not caught in your curtains or lighting, they just fall silently down to the floor.

What is worse is when you have dust mites in your home whose primary source of food happens to be the dead skin cells our bodies shed every moment. Leaving a pile of dead skin on your carpet is like an open invitation for these pests to come inside your home and build a society. You will be left on the losing end of the deal when you are suddenly tormented by endless allergy attacks.

By cleaning your house correctly and frequently, you and everyone else inside it will be much happier.