Surfing Way: TOP 10 Places To Go Surfing

If you like wind and waves, meet 10 interesting places, where you should go surfing, experienced or newcomer, rich or budget, does not matter.

Hawaii, USA

Oh, you are jealous of Hawaiian surfing program! They start learning surfing from school. Visiting Hawaii at least once in your life, you cannot feel cold about surfing. It does not really matter who you are, man or woman, how old you are and why you need surfing. This is the place, where the highest waves are born. This is a country of surfing championships and new champions. You can start learning surf in the professional schools all over the country on the South Coast. If you are profi, welcome to the North Coast.

Price for hotel: about 100 USD

Price for food: about 50 USD

Surfing on the North Shore - near Sunset Beach

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Is it possible to find good surfing in Brazil? Think of Rio – a place of salsa, passion, carnival and surfing. If you believe that you can feel comfortably on Copacabana beach, you are wrong. The waves are strong here. Pay attention to 4 kilometers beach Arpoador – right place for real brave surfers. This is the place where qualifying stage for the world championship are held.

Price for hotel: about 100 USD

Price for food: about 40 USD

Gold Coast, Australia

Surfers Paradise is special place that has 70 kilometers of gold sand and 35 admirable beaches. The waves are stable here. The coast welcomes different competitions. The biggest wave here is 1,97 kilometers. Gold Coast boasts with many schools for newcomers. If you are not afraid of sharks and ships, you can come closer to South Stradbroke. The place is really admirable.

Price for hotel: about 70 USD

Price for food: about 40 USD

Tahiti, French Polynesia

When you think of French Polynesia, you believe that the sea is calm and quiet. You are wrong. The North Coast has many surf schools for beginners and beaches for professional surfers. The waves are that go from the coral barrier, and shorebreaks – unpredictable and dangerous. In short, the waves in this territory are considered to be the most dangerous in the world. You cannot see big waves from the ground. They start after the coral reef.

Price for hotel: about 100 USD

Price for food: about 10-30 USD

Learning to surf

North Peru

One of the most favorite places for surfers is North Peru beaches. If you are professional, keep in mind the names of Pena Redonda (Round Rock), Punta Ballenas (Whale Point), Organos, La Vuelta, El Nuro, Cabo Blanco (White Cape). The beginners should go to Mancora, La Punta. The waves are not high but long here. You can ask for surfing lessons just from your hotel. Of course, it is better to stay in the Hotel Royal Decameron Punta Sal. The price for lesson is 130 USD, including equipment.

Price for hotel: about 70 USD

Price for food: about 20-30 USD

Kuta, Bali

Kuta is one of the biggest resorts in the area of Bali. You cannot find fashionable hotels here, VIP guests and glamour. All you can find is a good beach, many surf schools, great waves and lots of cafes and restaurants. This place is attractive for youth. There is active life during the day and night. It is recommended mostly for surf beginners. The hotels and hostels are budget. You can live for fun and for cheap.

Price for hotel: about 30 USD

Price for food: about 10 USD

Atlantic Coast, Portugal

If you have no time for leisure attractions, or you are afraid of long flights, you are limited in budget – there is a good variant for you. The long sandy beaches of Atlantic Ocean, good weather and the best surfing in Europe are waiting for you. Just hire a car in Lisbon and drive for a couple of hours to the ocean. You can find many different surf spots for different levels. You may try Ericeira or Porto. There are many places for quality surfing in Portugal.

Price for hotel: about 50 USD

Price for food: about 15 USD

Radical Surf

Siargao Islands, Philippines

Philippines were always popular for surfing, in contrast to Thailand. They are always attractive for adventurous people. There 7000 islands. This is a great opportunity to find the island that is the best for you. Welcome to the Siargao Island. It is recommended to visit in August till November. Nevertheless, learn the list of top popular islands for surfing: Baras, Catanduanes (Majestics), Puraran Beach, Cemento Beach, Baler, Aurora, Calicoan Island, Guiuan, Eastern Samar, Maira-Ira Beach, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. Which of them do you like?

Price for hotel: about 50 USD

Price for food: about 5 USD

Dominican Republic

Dominican is not only beaches, rum and cigars. This is also attractive waves of different sizes. You are recommended to visit Dominican for surfing of different levels. For example, you may try La Bonita, Macao, Patos, La Boya. Of course, there are many spots that are recommended for surfing. You must be profi or suicide pilot to go surfing Destroyer or Sosua. It is not a problem to find a good surfing school, comfortable hotel, beach bars and restaurants in Dominican Republic.

Price for hotel: about 50 USD

Price for food: about 10 USD


Agadir, Morocco

There is Taghazout, 20 kilometers from the popular resort beach Agadir. This is a region that is the best visiting place for surfers from all over the world. The area is full of many small and big villages, where you can live and watch after the big waves from your window or terrace. Did you come to watch the waves? All surfers, beginners or professionals, can catch the wave from October till March. Of course, the weather is good and the temperature is hot. The conditional are perfect for good surfing. Nevertheless, it is recommended to try on your diving suit. The water can be cool even when the weather is good and seems to be warm and sunny.

Price for hotel: about 75 USD

Price for food: about 30 USD