Solo Journey – Tips And Advantages

Solo Journey - Tips And Advantages

There is nothing more beautiful than having freedom in exploring the world around us by our rules, the way we want it. Learn how to get the best out of your next journey that you will go on totally alone.

New Places

One of the best locations you can travel to alone is Southeast Asia. Cheap, with a lot of interesting things that can be seen, new cultures, new food, new people… Definitely you won’t be bored. The diversity that this part of the world gives in such a small place is unique. On every step you will find something new, meet someone new and interesting, and not to mention the food. Wherever you turn new tastes, new colors, new smells.


The best place to stay in when you are alone are definitely the hostels. In them you will always meet new, interesting people from all parts of the world. With the hostels a good way to meet new people is through the well known web services where you can see the offers from the locals that rent beds to solo travelers. Also, if you ever get bored on your solo journey you can always join one of the numerous organizations that hand out food and give shelter in exchange for work, and there you can also meet a lot of young, hardworking people that may share your point of view.

Your Safety

When you are traveling alone it is especially important that you don’t draw too much attention to yourself, especially the female part of those who are reading this. You never know whose eye you’re going to catch, and that can make your life miserable. There are always jealous folks who yearn to start a brawl… Because of that it is always good to be dressed moderately, without too many flashy details and not too teasingly. Especially if you are traveling to a conservative region like the Middle East, always cover your hands and legs, wear closed shoes, and the ladies should always wear a scarf over their head.

It is very important that you don’t drink alone, meaning that you don’t go out on the street when you are under the influence of alcohol. That is the best time for someone to exploit your state. Never walk alone at night. If you feel that somebody is following you, the best thing you can do is to join a group and pretend you are part of them, in that way the person following you will lose interest. You will be safer if you reserve rent a car, but that can be too expensive. It would be wise to read some tips about car rental.

For your safety it is always good to have some self-defense tools like tear gas in a can, a blinding light, or whistles that can alarm someone when you are attacked. But the world isn’t that grim, there is a greater chance that people will help you if you get attacked. Like everywhere around the world there is always someone who will look at you ugly, but in most cases people are peaceful and help you out when you need it.

You are your Own Boss

And finally, why go on a solo journey instead of a group one? Well, it’s because you are your own boss. Do what you want, with whomever you want, when you want and where you want. There is no one to dictate you and nag when he is bored, or complain about how their feet hurt because you are walking too much. You can do everything to please yourself. And when you feel you need some company – you can always hop to the nearest cafe and have a good time with the locals. And don’t forget to send postcards, collect rocks and call your parents – then the journey is fulfilled.

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