5 Warm Places You Should Consider For The Winter Season

There are several reasons winter period is the best time to go on a vacation; from enduring the freezing cold weather to spending more on household heating; taking holiday during the winter period is one of the smartest things to do so long as you are doing that in a warm country so if you are getting tired of the winter cold, now is the most appropriate time for you to take a vacation at those famous warm destinations and here is a list of five places that will bring warmth without compromising on amazing experiences.

1. Florida:

Surprised to hear that? though in within the United states where one would expect a degree of cold spell, it is everyone’s top destination because of its geographic location on the southernmost part of the United States towards the equator. This is the reason the weather is usually nice with temperatures in the range of 80’s.

The beaches are a bit warmer and great even for family entertainment at times when weather is freezing cold in other parts of the United States. On the entertainment part, places like the Coco Beach offer opportunities for you to take a family trip. The Kennedy Space Center is also where you might want to see. You can also make your trip much more enjoyable by taking a charter boat out into the Gulf of Mexico and enjoy some great salt water fishing.

2. Mississippi Gulf Coast:

Here you will find nice weather usually at those times of the year when temperature is freezing in most other parts as temperature in Mississippi is in the range of 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit along with plenty of sunshine to enjoy the white sandy beaches. If you are a lover of night life, you may want to visit the city of Biloxi which is really awesome and is regarded as the Vegas of the south and is now rated 2nd with respect to Casinos and Shows.

South Mississippi also offers family orientated events such as an Ice Hockey game which you can stop by and catch during the winter months or take a tour boat out 11miles south of the city and enjoy time on the famous Ship Island where you will find excellent beaches along with its rich history. The marina park and art centres are also there for the kids which they are bound to enjoy.

3. Hawaii:

There is no better time to go enjoy Hawaii’s beaches along with a good evening drink on the island than as a getaway during the boring winter season. With Hawaii, there is nothing like winter or boring moment and if you have children, this area also offers a selection of family friendly activities to engage in which makes it a family hot spot in the winter.

4. Guam:

While you may not have heard of it before, this location is a tad bit further out in the Pacific, but it belongs in the top five warm destinations to getaway during winter. Take a trip to Guam and enjoy the beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing which are all excellent to undertake here and the night life in Guam is like nothing you have seen before as Guam offers many night time events on the beaches throughout the year.

If you love shopping, Guam has it all. There are a number of pretty good shopping centers along the strip to feed your eyes. If you have kids, make sure you check out the Marriot Hotel’s snorkel pond and they will thank you for it.

5. Southern California:

Here is an excellent family destination for anyone to enjoy. San Diego offers a wide array of things to do, one thing that should be a must on the list is visiting the San Diego Zoo, well known throughout the world for all of it’s attractions, along with this, San Diego also offers great shopping centers along with some very nice weather with winter temps in the 60’s and 70’s.

Winter can be long, stereotypical and boring at times and if you are interested in spicing your life up and staying fresh then make sure to check out one of these perfect five winter getaway destinations listed above as an option to put on your list.

Grace Keller is a Ghanaian but has spent most of her life between the Caribbean and the United States as a travel agent/advisor. When she is not working, she is sharing the experiences of her work on Buzzghana.com – A website for Ghana travel new and information.