Best Areas To Go Fly Fishing

Fly fishing and adventure have always gone hand-in-hand. Is this simply due to the fact that some of the best spots are in rural and increasingly difficult areas to visit? Perhaps that is a part of the reason, but ultimately this sport and avocation is more than just catching fish. It is about the experience.

Fishing The Kamchatka Peninsula:

Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula sits near the very top in terms of premier fly fishing destinations. This area offers tons of adventure and the chance to catch some of the largest giant rainbow trout you will ever be lucky enough to see. After the cold war ended, a number of foreigners did make it out to this remote area about the size of California.

The Pavana and Zhupanova rivers in this region quite possibly offer more 27- to 35-inch rainbow trout than anywhere on the planet. In fact, throughout the region it has been estimated that only 30 of the more than 100 Quality Rivers have even been fished. In other words, you are not going to be doing battle with a fish that has been caught before, but rather with a confidence that your box of flies will be devoured by the trout.

Kamchatka also affords anglers the potential for nabbing a few Kundzha char. These fish are big and beautiful, growing to more than 20 pounds and behaving like steelhead. They frequent the boulder steams, buckets, and tailouts and they do not “color-up” like char that are normally found in places like Alaska. Plus, much of this area in Russia that has been inaccessible since 2007 is opening up again, thanks to an increased number of airline flights.

Other Top Fly Fishing Spots:

South America also has a number of top spots for fly fishing. This includes both Argentina and Chile. Especially in the Patagonia region of both countries, you will find a huge variety of fish like trout (both rainbow and brown and in almost every type of water situation imaginable), perca, coho salmon, chinook salmon, and even Atlantic salmon. Not to mention some of the most incedibly beautiful scenery you will ever run across.

Whether you choose Argentina or Chile, you will find the chance to do battle against a number of large and strong fish. There is even a section here known simply as the ‘Lake’ district that is ideal for fishing.

What To Bring & Other Tips:

The most important thing to bring is your rods. The recommendation here is for two of them, fully rigged. Whether you are gearing up for Kamchatka fly fishing or a Patagonia adventure, the longer the rods the better, generally speaking. Of course, you need to take into consideration the specific type of fish you are after.

Also bring a well-equipped Stillwater bag. Restock it as soon as possible. A number of types of lines will also come in handy. Carry a floating, intermediate, clear camo, outbound hover, and sinking type III through type VII.

Watercraft is also important. After all, it is usually ideal to be standing in the boat instead of wading in the bank. You can choose a Pram, Pontoon, or a Belly boat for your fishing, depending upon your budget. If you do end up wading, do not wade in the water above others.

Choosing an Agent

One of the most important parts of fly fishing is actually choosing an adventure travel agent. As the best fly fishing regions in the world are generally the most remote, it matters that you choose an adventure travel agent that is experienced in the industry and region where you wish to fish. It is best to search online to find and research outfitters and travel agents that have specific and personal knowledge of such great remote fishing destinations.

Fly fishing in trophy regions around the world can be one of the most natural and relaxing fishing experiences. Whether you are professional angler, experienced amateur or beginner choosing an amazing destination, it requires a professional guide and adventure travel agent to ensure your trip’s success.

Ezequiel De La Canal is interested in fly fishing and the great outdoors, especially in South America.