Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert

Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert

Punk rock came into being in the era of 1974 and 1976. It mostly developed in the countries like USA, UK and Australia. The term punk was given to this genre of music by the critics but the name stuck. The components of basic punk rock are:

  • Political and anti-establishment lyrics
  • Stripped down instrumentation
  • Fast paced songs
  • Hard edged melodies

Punk rock instruments generally include electric guitars, bass guitars, drums and vocals. The lyrics are shouted instead of singing. The lyrics are written in freestyles and are mostly about the unbiased way of the government or the politicians. Punk rock mostly covers the social issues of the world. It is often assumed that the founding fathers of punk rock are the late 1960’s bands such as the Sex Pistols, Television and The Ramones. But still, it is doubtable. By the late 70’s punk rock became a force. It was the genre of music that moved the hearts of most teenagers and it became the source to somehow criticise the government. Musicians used this genre to aware the youth about what is happening around them that they are probably unaware about. Punk rock was used as a medium to channel the rage one is feeling towards the social injustice. People criticised it at that time but it became the voice of youth.

Psychedelic rock or most commonly known as theacid rock is developed from the psychedelic subculture. Psychedelic subculture is the type of culture that used the mind-altering drugs. This means that this genre of music produces masterpieces that replicate the effects of drugs such as LSDs. The band that produces this music is none other than Beatles. The years that are full of this genre are mostly 1966 to 1969. After that, its popularity declined due to many reasons mostly due to the lack of spirits. The instruments used in this genre are electric guitar, tabla, sitar, Theremin and electronic organ.

Rock Music

There were many forms that were derived from punk rock music:

  • Space rock
  • Heavy metal
  • Hard rock
  • Glam rock
  • Neo-psychedelic
  • Shoegazing
  • Progressive rock

In the late 60’s, the genre spread into other parts of the world including Asia, Europe, Australia and Central America from UK and USA. The genre reached its peak in 1969 at Woodstock Festival where many psychedelic musicians played.

History of Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers or commonly known as RHCP and it was formed in Los Angeles in 1983. This band includes both the above-mentioned genre of music; punk rock and psychedelic rock.  They were also in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They have been nominated 16 times for the Grammy Awards although they only won 6. They have many records in their names. The hold the record for number one singles. 13 of their songs are in the number one singles. Also, they have the most top ten songs’ record. The band includes vocalist Anthony Kiedis, a bassist Flea and drummer Chad smith and also a special tour guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. The band was first named as ‘what is this’ but soon changed to Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Anthony Kiedis is the lead vocalist of the band. He is the son of famous Blackie Dammit whose real name is John Michael Keidis. Blackie is a famous actor. In his childhood, Anthony’s parents got divorced and he came to live with his mother and step Father. Keidis and Flea became friends when Anthony returned to his father at the age of 16. According to Anthony, he and Flea were the outcasts that became the reason of their bonding. Kiedis, Slovak and Flea are the original founders of the band when it was first created. Kiedis wanted to break the stereotype of punk rock and produce a peaceful and calm environment so the ladies will come to the concerts. The played first time at the Rhythm Lounge when the owner of the bar realised the potential Keidis had. Slovak and Flea had their doubts about the vocal power of kids but eventually they saw what he had in him. Keidis also performed many roles in films such as he played his first role in F.I.S.T when he was a teenager. He also played roles in the movies; Tough Guys, Thrashin’, Less Than Zero, Point Break, Wicked, The Chase and others. His musical style was rapping but over the course of time, he started to prefer singing over rapping.Keidis also wrote an autobiography that he named as Scar Tissue and it becamebest-selling.

Michael Peter Balzary or Flea is the main bassist and co-founder of the band. He not only played with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He played for bands like Jane’s Addiction and Fear before joining the band. But even after joining, he played for bands like Pigface and Rocket Juice & the moon. Also, he collaborated with musicians. Flea also appeared in many movies popular being Son-in-Law, Thrashin’, The Big Lebowski, The Chase and Dudes. He also founded the non-profit organisation in 2001 named as Silver lake Conservatory of Music. Flea became the second best Bassist of all times.

Chad Smith joined the band in 1988. He is the drummer of the band. Except for playing for Red Hot Chili Peppers, he also played as a drummer for Chicken foot that was formed in 2008. He has also played with Glenn Hughes, Johnny Cash and the Avett Brothers. He was placed at number ten by the magazine, Spin.

The band has 11 studio albums, 3 live albums, 12 compilation albums, 8 video albums, 46 music videos, 5 EPs, and 44 singles. The albums are:

  • The red hot chilli peppers – 1984
  • Freaky Styley – 1985
  • The mofo party plan – 1987
  • Sock-cess – – 1989
  • Mother’s Milk – 1989
  • Blood Sugar Sex Magik – 1991
  • What Hits!? – 1992
  • Tokyo Tattoo – 1992
  • Live Magik – 1994
  • Out in L.A. – 1994
  • The Best of Red Hot Chili Peppers – 1994
  • One Hot Minute – 1995
  • Calfornification – 1999
  • Woodstock 1999 – 1999
  • By the Way – 2002
  • Organic Soundball – 2002
  • Stadium Arcadium – 2006
  • I’m with you – 2011
  • I’m beside you – 201
  • The Getaway – 2016

The net worth of the band is approx. $120 Million. There top ten songs of all times are ‘Suck My Kiss’ from ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’, ‘Brendan’s Death Song’ from ‘I’m With You’, ‘Calfornication’ from ‘Calfornication’, ‘Knock me Down’ from ‘Mother’s Milk’, ‘Dani’s California’ from ‘Stadium Arcadium’, Breaking the Girl’ from ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’, ‘By the Way’ from ‘By the Way’, ‘Give it Away’ from ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’, ‘Scar Tissue’ by ‘Cornification’ and ‘Under the Bridge’ from ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’.

The band is set on a concert tour all around the world so it is finally your chance to see the magic unravel itself in front of your own eyes. Feel the rhythm pulsating through your body, lose yourself in the music by watching it live. Meeting your dream band and the singers you’re worshipped your whole life and would give anything to watch them live. There are tickets for red hot chilli pepper available at