Soccer, The Skills

Soccer is a very interesting game that involves a lot of footwork. Parents try to teach their children about the game and worry about their development in the game. They always make sure that their child is getting the suitable coaching, proper camp and be a part of a great team. Yes, it is important that the great soccer player starts to take form from the young age itself. When it comes to understand and play a game of soccer the player should be having all round skills as in- technical, athletic, tactical and temperamental. But before getting into detail about the game and its needs, it is necessary to understand the child and its capability. It is important that the talent and potential of the kid are identified so that they can be levied as a foundation and nourished with skills and practice.


As a child, soccer is a fun game, the entire child tries reaping from playing a game of soccer or football is to get together with the group and have fun. But as he is ages 8 years or maximum 12 years he should be able to understand the technique in the game and get accustomed to it. So, a child should be allowed to play and discover on his own what the game is and how he can put himself in the game to win. Any tactics or structures when forcefully driven into the young mind will bounce without making an impression. What I mean to express here is that the child should be able to understand and garner all the talent he has within him and then put them into action. So, provide your child the openness to realize the hidden potential which can then be made use of by garnishing it with all the tactics.

Soccer, The Skills

Garnishing The Skills

Slowly when your child is ready (10 to 13 years), he may enter the junior team U10 or U13, where he can play just one game a week and concentrate on learning small things from this experience. The rest of the time may be spent in developing the body for the same by improving the athletic abilities and techniques. Most of the time may be spent on observing the leading and established players to see how differently the child can put in his own skills. Instead of concentrating on the game, look into the each playing individual on the ground, gather some useful skillful information.

Identifying The Strengths And Weakness

A child should be able to concentrate on oneself and discover the hidden strengths and weakness which comes out only after hours of practice. Focusing on strengths will help the player, but when weaknesses are also focused on they can be transformed to be an all round player. Experimentation is the most essential strategy. Being in the comfort zone will stagnate any growth. It is important therefore to explore the role of a goalkeeper, defender, forefronts, etc. this gives an overall understanding for an individual player as well as a whole team.