Plan An Exciting Marmaris Trip and Enjoy Your Vacation


Let’s admit it. It’s very difficult to impress your wife and so you were apprehensive about your decision to visit Marmaris for the next vacation. To your utter surprise, your wife liked the idea very much. It was later revealed that her best friend had been to Marmaris and given her a positive feedback. So, your task is now to plan the holiday so that your wife doesn’t find any reason to get upset.

Planning your Marmaris Trip

Planning a Marmaris trip is not easy keeping in mind the options you have. Some people spend days at the harbor and the seafront just relaxing and others go for safaris and excursions. If you are a foodie, you can get on a gastronomical journey with different cuisines of the world especially Turkish. So, where would you want to start?

Take a Jeep Safari

Your wife’s BFF must have raved about the jeep safari and you don’t want to miss it too. Well, Jeep safari in Marmaris is very popular. Going through the dusty roads and enjoying the beauty of nature is a unique experience for most people. The jeep safaris would help you to enjoy breathtaking views of the countryside, meet local people, view cascades and even take baths in waterfalls.

Starting early morning, you will be spending the entire day on the road, traveling through villages and forests, enjoying a sumptuous lunch with the locals and witnessing Turkish life.

The jeeps usually take meandering roads across the villages and round the pine tree covered forests and reveal spectacular views of the rolling mountains.

You can choose to visit the Bozburun Peninsula or the shores of Gokova Gulf. Regular jeep safaris are held to Ciftlik, Hisaronu and Akbuk regions.

Go for Marmaris Excursions

If you love to explore a place and have lots of adventure, Marmaris has many options for you. There are many places ideal for day excursions. One such spot is Dalyan. Located 80 km southeast of Marmaris, nature has closely guarded some of its secrets here.

The sea and the lake come together at Dalyan creating breathtaking natural views. The lakes and natural beaches are fascinating, so is the labyrinth of canals. Tourists love to explore the maze of canals in small boats. The Iztuzu Beach is popular for its beauty and as a natural refuse for the sea turtles. You can even see the Nile Turtles here.

Many people visit Dalyan to bathe in its hot spring and take a mud bath which is considered therapeutic. The appeal of the place doesn’t end here. To your delight, you will find the ancient city of Kaunos here. You will find tombs, temples, theatres and seaport Agora here. The place is a treasure trove of remnants of the Archaic, Classical and Roman and Byzantine and Hellenistic rules. The tombs carved in the rocks deserve special mention.

Apart from Dalyan, you can visit Cleopatra Island and Iclemer Beach as part of day excursions.

Enjoy Turkish cuisine, witness Turkish nights, stroll on the beaches and have a second honeymoon in Marmaris. Your wife will remember the vacation as a memorable gift, take my word for it.

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