Pick Your Face Cream Correctly

Pick Your Face Cream Correctly

Facial cream is a very important thing and one has to pick their cream carefully. Before that, one needs to know what exactly their skin type is. Otherwise, one might not get the right cream for themselves.

Here are some ways to pick the right face cream if you know your skin type.

People with Oily Skin

people have a concept that oily skin does not need moisturization but they are completely wrong. It is true that oily skins can retain moisture better but they are still susceptible to harsh weather, cold and dry environments. But using oil on this skin type is not a good idea. One can go for oil-free moisturizers like those which have glycerine and hyaluronic acid. These are mostly gel-based moisturizers and they do not leave any greasy effect on the skin after use.

People with Dry Skin

Very dry skin needs proper moisture application on it. One needs to pick up facial creams and moisturizers which contain a lot of jojoba oil, Shea butter or coconut oil. One can also use some handmade organic face creams if they think those suit better on their skin. If you have extremely dry skin, then it is a good idea to go for moisturizers which have lactic acids, urea, lanolin and mineral oil.

People with Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skins mean not all products are suitable for this skin type. In fact, one should be very careful before applying anything on the skin. This skin can get irritated by the use of some natural products as well. So, one needs to go for unscented and hypoallergenic moisturizers which are good for these skin types. Dermatologists mostly do not recommend anti-aging creams for this skin type. A soft face cream or night cream can work well on behalf of anti-aging products.

People with Normal Skin

If one has a skin which is neither too oily nor too dry then they have normal skin textures. They have the best possible skin type and to take care of this skin, one has to use some neutral, light and non-greasy moisturizers. One can go for those which are silicone based and are lightweight with natural oils.

People with Combination Skin

Combination skin refers to having normal skin type around your cheeks but an oily forehead and area along your nose, also known as the T-zone. You probably do not need that extra moisturizer along with your T-zone but heavy duty moisturizing is needed for other areas like your cheeks, chin, and sides of your jaw.

One also needs to change the cream according to the climate or weather around. In summer due to high humidity, light moisturizers may work but in the dry climate, one needs heavy moisturization. Also, lotions can work well during monsoons. Go for handmade face cream if you are not comfortable with chemicals. Handmade creams are mostly made from natural products and they are mostly safe in nature. There are endless varieties to pick up from.