Ordering Food Inside The Train From Quality Restaurants

There are many people who simply are not pleased or happy with the type of food that is provided on Indian trains. Although they are priced well, the quality of food served is below par and most of the times, they also are stale and simply not consumable as they are not tasty or even hygienic. Besides this, the hawkers selling packed food on the platforms are equally unhygienic and not to be relied upon for, especially if there are children and seniors travelling along. People who are health conscious are sure to find travelling by train to be somewhat a cumbersome task, since they might be required to carry heavy utensils and lunch boxes along with them. Similarly they need to carry the bag containing the same to all the places they travel during the journey, which may be looked upon as an unwanted option.

Ordering Food Inside The Train From Quality Restaurants

Enjoying Good Food Inside the Train

Much to the pleasure of passengers travelling by Indian railways, it is very much possible for them to avail food in train. The reason is that there are numerous private sites present, which have tied up several restaurants along each and every train route in the country. This way, they ensure that passengers are served with only the best items and provide value worth the money.  No more has the individual to suffer from ill health due to the poor food that he otherwise has to consume or to remain fasting during the entire journey.

Variety of Food

What’s more better is the fact that there are different types of restaurants that are associated with the sites to deliver passengers with variety of cuisines, to suit their specific needs. Be it continental, pizzas, south Indian thalis, north Indian thalis, or any other regional delight, etc. The passengers can order just about anything and everything that they can lay their hands upon. Every packet that gets delivered to the customer is well prepared keeping in mind the hygiene and quality aspects to ensure that the food is lip smacking and delicious. The food is then foil packed piping hot. Since all the restaurants and eateries are located inside the station or near it, having the ordered food packet inside the train in hot condition is not a big issue for the restaurants.

Delivering Food

All the individual needs to provide at the time of the order is the PNR number present in the confirmed ticket. Using the PNR number, the restaurant where the food is ordered, is in a position to check the train details as well as the seating arrangement of the passenger and also trace the whereabouts of the train. They keep proper track of the trains and ensure that the food is prepared just minutes before the train arrives, so as to keep it fresh and tasty, while retaining its nutritional values. It is for this reason, such sites have become all the more popular and the number of people ordering from it has been increasing with each passing day.

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