New Trends Of Travel World

New Trends Of Travel World

What are the predictions of upcoming travel world? What would you see and experience as a change in your tours this year? No one can give a proper answer but the insiders and influencers of travel world. We must know that what are the changes in travel world which have got their attention so far? You may want to check out custom lamp shades.

For this purpose we have done research to find out the comments and predictions of well known travel experts. They have predicted the experience of any destination through virtual reality and celebrity chef cuisine to be the main attention grabbers in this industry. Following are the most important improvements in travel world but, be careful because reading them may make you to clear your next year’s calendar and pack your bags for an exciting trip.

Celebrity Chef Cuisine:

Prepare yourself to be amazed by the taste and prices of celebrity chef cuisines. Now travellers do not have to compromise on taste of food while they stay at any faraway place from their own house. Celebrity chefs are making sure that you will get an easy access to their food irrespective of your travel plan destinations.

Prices of celebrity chef cuisines are also coming down because they have planned to reach out a wider public. Many famous chefs are co founding a number of restaurants and cafés to offer their personal cuisine to a large number of people. The best thing about these restaurants is focusing on offering both vegetarian and non vegetarian food.

Marketing Any Destination through Virtual Reality:

This was the technology once reserved by gamers but now armchair travellers have found this technology as a blessing. The charge of using virtual reality for tourism marketing is lead by destination British Columbia. This has made their media partners and customers to review any destination without even moving from their chair desks.

This virtual reality gives all the customers a 360 degree experience as the head set is becoming more and more popular with the common public. They can have a look at refined cities and raw wilderness to map out their travel plans for next year. As the technology emerges to make virtual reality more popular, it is now being used with other technologies.

The Gear VR is a head set for virtual reality made by Samsung will be the first and more common head set available to you in market. It costs only $200.

Local Experiences:

More and more travellers want to experience any destination with the eyes of its local inhabitants. This is the reason which made travel companies to develop unique ways in connecting local people with travellers. They think that foreign travel is nothing but about engaging with local culture and local people.

Some famous travel companies arrange meetings with local musical bands. A famous travel company also arranges a tour to Sydney opera house with a local vocal coach. Visiting common local restaurants is also becoming popular as it gives an opportunity to interact with local eaters.