Moving from The UK- What Should You Do

Moving from The UK- What Should You Do

Moving overseas is always an exciting start of a new adventure, but can be very challenging to orchestrate. If you are getting ready to go abroad, you will soon realise that moving overseas is not as simple as changing houses in the same city or country. When you plan to go abroad, you will be transporting your items either by air, road or seas, or a combination of all three. Each method of transportation will have its own set of regulations and costs that you will have to be aware of.

Should you Transport your Items by Air or Seas?

In case you are moving to an entirely new continent, you will have most of your items transported internationally via container ship. This is usually one of the cheapest international transport method, compared to air travel which could become a lot more expensive because of the heavy weight of packages.

– A bulk of your necessary items can certainly be sent abroad to your new home via container ships, as they will give you convenient rates for a huge load. Air freight can become very expensive as they charge by the volume and weight of packages. So make sure you send a few necessary items via planes.

– Container ships will take a lot of time to transport, and this means that you will receive your packages in two months or more. So if you are planning to move to a new unfurnished home, it might not be a good idea to send all your necessary items via container ship. While you can wait for a few months to decorate and furnish your place, you can transport kitchen and work items easily via planes. Kitchen appliances do not always cost a lot of money, and you can also pack a foldable table etc for work that can be transported easily without incurring high costs.

How can you Plan before Moving from the UK?

In case your new house is still far from completion, you do not have to stall the move. There are some reputed removals company like the Wynnes which provide top quality service and advice to people on how to plan a house move before completion. However, when it comes to moving overseas, you need to remember the following steps to ensure a hassle-free move:

1 – Plan ahead:

Start by identifying the items that you will need to use in your new house. Sometimes, it costs lesser to transport items internationally than to buy new furniture and other equipments. Make a list of items you will need to use immediately after settling in your new home, and decide to transport them via planes. Any other heavy items that you can do without for a few months should be shipped via container ships.

2 – Do not Pack your Items Yourself: 

When you are moving overseas, you need to make sure that the packages you use are sturdy enough to handle pressure. Never think you can pack your precious items yourself. It is usually better to hire a removals company to bring their high quality durable boxes to pack your things. It might be a bit daunting to have strangers handle your private stuff, but remember that they have professional packers who can fit in way more items into one box than you can. They will also know which items should go in together, and which will need a separate box of their own.

3 – Hire a Good Removals Company:

You need to hire a professional company that knows the process of transporting goods from one continent to another. Usually good removals companies have tie-ups with effective international courier services which transport items either by air, road or seas. Depending on the geographical route, they can devise the best method to transport your items at the best price.

When you are on the lookout for a good removals company, you can check if they are listed under the National Guild of Removers and Storers and The British Association of Removers. These Institutes are associated with removal and storage companies which uphold codes of conduct and work ethics. If there is a certain removals company that you like, make sure that you read their past reviews from previous customers who hired the company for their move.

– Insurance: 

Never forget to check whether the removals company of your choice includes insurance in the deal so that you are covered in case any precious items of yours are broken or damaged in any other way. Moving items over a long distance can substantially increase the risk of broken items, so you should definitely insist that a proper insurance is included.

– Customs: 

Remember that you have to attend to some paperwork to make sure that your items clear customs. If you do not do this, you might end up bringing in items that will not receive custom clearance because either they are subjected to tax or are forbidden in that country. These items will be confiscated and you will never get them back again. This is why you should talk to your removals company for advice. These companies know what items can be packed in, and they will take care of the customs issues completely.

– Storage:

If you need to empty your current residential area before the move, make sure you book a storage area to keep all your items in that you cannot transport yet. A lot of removals companies have their own storage areas where clients can keep their packages without any risk of theft or damage.

Moving from the UK can be tough and challenging, but reputed removals companies like Wynnes are always ready to help you and make sure that you can pack your items and have them transported to your new destination safely. Choosing the right removals company for a difficult task is quite important, so make sure that you do a lot of research before making any decisions. Never forget to ask your removals company for advice when you are planning the move. Good removals companies with loads of professional experience always guide their clients from start to finish without fail.