Milan- The Jewel Of Italy

Italy conjures up images of quiet narrow streets dotted with coffee shops and ice cream parlours, and there is no better place to experience the true Italian lifestyle than Milan. The city is the capital of the Lombardy region and is famous for its designer brands and fashion exhibitions, with the likes of Armani and Gucci having a strong presence in the city. The 1950s were an exciting time for European fashion and Milan soon became the fashion and design hub that attracted Europe’s elite to this amazing city. Twice yearly, the famous Milan Fashion Week brings together many of the world’s best designers to show their latest creations, and the upmarket shopping district is well worth a visit, especially if you are into brand name fashion.

The Culture Capital

Milan is often referred to as the fashion and culture capital of the world, and the endless list of museums and art galleries is very much a testament to this. Some of Da Vinci’s best works are housed in Milan galleries, along with many other well-known artists’ work, so if you like looking at stunning paintings in the right ambience, Milan is the perfect city for you.

Performing Arts

If you are a lover of Opera, there are some great theatres where you can enjoy a range of performances, and with world famous venues like La Scala, you can enjoy the original operas performed by Italian artists. Milan has always been a musical hub, with many concerts featuring the music of famous Italian composers, such as Verdi and Hoste Da Reggio, who spent many years in the city.

Getting There

It is very easy to reach this iconic city, and with affordable flights to Milan from most major European cities, you shouldn’t have any problem booking your tickets online. Airlines have to be fiercely competitive these days, and by shopping around, it is possible to get some amazing deals, especially if you book well in advance, or are able to take off at short notice.

Roman Remains

Unfortunately, there are not that many relics of the Roman Empire period in Milan, with perhaps the exception of the Colonne Di San Lorenzo, which consists of 16 tall columns that face an open courtyard. Churches and Cathedrals are many in Milan, with some fine examples of gothic architecture, including Milan Cathedral, which is the 5th biggest in the world.

Parks and Gardens

If you like to spend warm afternoons in splendid gardens, Milan has many fine examples, with Montanelli Gardens, which is home to the Natural Museum of Milan as well as an interesting planetarium.

Fine Dining

If you enjoy fine cuisine, look no further than Milan, which has more than its fair share of 5 star restaurants that are evenly spread throughout the city. Milan is the home of northern Italian Cuisine, where they tend to use rice more than pasta, which is typically a northern cuisine.

Milan is easily accessible, with flights from most major European cities, and you cannot fail to be inspired by the amazing architecture and stylish courtyards, which makes this city an undeniable attraction for all.