Making Your Great Ocean Road Trip Memorable

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Australia seems to be a popular country to visit for people living overseas. According to the year ending June 2015 International Visitor Survey by Tourism Research Australia, the number of international visitors increased to a new high of 6.6 million visitors (an increase of 7%) and international visitor spending grew to $33.4 billion ($3.2 billion more than last year). This increase in visitors was driven by the growth in leisure travel with holiday arrivals increasing 5% to 2.9 million.What is it that attracts visitors to Australia? Maybe it is our sun, surf and sand lifestyle or maybe it is our beautiful and unique landscapes or maybe it is our business environment. According to a survey conducted with the G8 nations, Australia is ranked “second out of 50 nations on economic, social and aesthetic factors.” For most people, what first attracted them to Australia was its beautiful and unique landscapes.

Mention Australia and most foreigners will probably mention the SydneyOpera House. The Sydney Opera House is only one of many unique landscapes/structures in Australia. According to CNN Travel, the 10 natural wonders of Australia are Shark Bay, The Pinnacles, Mackenzie Falls, Fraser Island, Kakadu, Blue Mountains, Bungles Bungles and the 12 Apostles. A visit to Victoria is not complete without a visit to the 12 Apostles (a collection of limestone stacks) along the Great Ocean Road. The best way to see the many attractions along the Great Ocean Road is to go on Great Ocean Road bus tours Melbourne.

Making Your Great Ocean Road Trip Memorable

Great Ocean Road Attractions

Besides the 12 Apostles, some of the attractions on the Great Ocean Road are the historical Loch Ard Gorge, London Bridge, Otway Ranges, quaint seaside towns, world famous beaches, spectacular coast lines and rainforests.

Why a Bus Tour?

As a tourist from overseas, you have travelled thousands of miles to visit Australia. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the best that this beautiful country has to offer? The Great Ocean Road is known for its world renowned natural beauty. A day trip on a tour bus is the best way for tourists to see these attractions because the tour bus company knows the best spots to take you to ensure that you have a memorable day.You will be travelling in comfort in an air-conditioned tour bus with a maximum of only 11 people, so there will be lots of room and no overcrowding. Bus tours will also take you to see native wildlife in their natural environment, so that you can go home and boast about coming face-to-face with Australian wildlife that your family and friends only get to see on TV. A benefit of seeing the Great Ocean Road by tour bus is that you will be guided by an experienced tour bus driver who knows the area and its history very well.

That means you not only get to see and experience the attractions, you will also get a history lesson of the area and listen to exciting and treacherous stories of why the Great Ocean Road is known as the “ship wreck coast.” Finally, a major benefit of a bus tour is that you won’t have to drive on unfamiliar roads and can relax and be driven around instead. Isn’t relaxation what holidays are all about?

Making Your Great Ocean Road Trip Memorable

A Typical Day Trip by Tour Bus

To make the most of the day, tour buses usually depart around 7:30-8:00 am and return at 8:30-9:00 pm. A typical bus day trip includes morning tea/coffee and biscuits; lunch in Apollo Bay; all park entrée fees; friendly and informative tour guide; travel through the Surf Coast region of Victoria along the Great Ocean Road to see the 12 Apostles; encountering Australian wildlife in their natural habitat; pick up and drop off from an inner city location; traveling in an air-conditioned, clean and modern bus. As the tour bus company takes care of the travel and tour aspect of your day trip, you only have to worry about what to bring.

Not much apart from suitable clothing for travel and the weather (e.g. hat, warm/cool clothing, rain jacket, etc.), swimsuit and towel if you plan to get wet, sunscreen, drinking water and a camera to capture the special moments.Once you experience the many highlights of a Great Ocean Road bus tour, you will understand why Australians love their sun, surf and sand lifestyle.