Lucy Movie Review

Lucy Movie Review


One wrong choice grounds Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) into a bad situation and progressions her life until the end of time.

Lucy Movie Review


Lucy is hoodwinked by her shady sweetheart, who constrains her into undertaking a conveyance work. Much to she’s dismay that she has been utilized as a medication donkey! Then again, the victimized person in her gets to be deadly when she is unintentionally presented to an overdose of the extremely trial medications she is going to exchange.

Lucy’s reason is based on the generally common misconception that we ‘people just make utilization of 10% of our cerebrum’. What will happen if a medication (here, Cph4) modifies that figuring radically, in this way empowering us to utilize the full 100%?

Lucy experiences this. Her mental ability continues expanding, making her would appear that a very unpredictable, strolling, speaking time bomb going to blast. What will happen to Lucy after the medication opens her mind’s maximum capacity?

While the idea is profoundly captivating and intriguing, you can’t extend a thought way past its breaking points. Lucy’s quandary is secretive and grasping however as the film sways between science fiction, activity and logic, you some place think that it very pseudo-cerebral and convoluted. The consolidation of different sorts makes the film resemble an odd blend of The Tree of Life and La Femme Nikita!

Morgan Freeman emerges in his little however huge part. Scarlett Johansson is persuading however before long, the film gets too outlandish and her character loses its sheen. While we are excited about checking her climbing cerebrum potential, changing mind and the sudden repercussions, the overindulgent French movie producer appears to be more frantic to concentrate on his femme fatale’s doubtful superpowers (telekinesis and psyche perusing.

Lucy may neglect to charm the standard group of onlookers as it doesn’t gloat an excessive plan or exciting embellishments. You don’t feel for the hero either as she loses everything that makes her human, including torment and dread of death. Notwithstanding, in the event that you are a fanatic of “exploratory” film, you will admire this whimsical endeavor.