Importance of Friend SMS on Friendships Day

Friendship Day is a special day for a lot of people around the world.People want to celebrate this day with their friends in the honors of their friendship, however long or short it may have been So with it fast arriving people buy presents or cards for their friends. But have you ever wondered why? Why do we buy presents or cards? Because we want them to know that we care for them. But then some of you might ask, is buying presents, caring? Well some ways, yes and other ways, no we buy presents to show that when they were talking about something they liked, we were listening. People expect sweet messages from their friends. On cards or in letters or even a text. Here are some ways to write a text that you’re friend will love.


1. Be Sweet: This one is the most obvious one Be sweet in the way that makes them feel happy. Write sweet things about them. Compliment them. Reading nice things about themselves, never fails to make a person happy.

2. Write about things they told you Ok so this may not be as clear: Write about things they told you Like their favourite movie, or where they often go with their family or their dog’s name. This shows that you actually listen to them when they speak and not just pretend to.

3. Make Fun of yourself and them: Now while you do this. Make sure that you’re not making them feel bad. The goal is to make them laugh and not feel bad. Make fun of tiny things about yourself. Make sure that you review what you’ve written before you give it to them to see if you’re crossing any lines. This may be better if used for friends who have known each other for a longer period of time

4. Write about your inside jokes: Almost no friendship sms is complete without inside jokes. Write about the ones who share very often and have fun.

5. Tell them you care about them: This can either be done subtly indirectly or directly. But its appreciated either way.

6. Tell them you’re sorry: Fights happen in every friendship and that’t completely normal. But apologizing goes a long way in these kind of situations. So swallow your pride and apologize. At that time the friendship sms will deepen your friendship than ever.

7. Write about a common interest: Friends share common ground on so many things. Whether it’s a book, or a tv show or a band or anything. Talk about that you can also quote something from that if that’s something you really or they really like.

8: Talk about the times you’ve spent together: Friends share so many special moments together. Whether its graduation or going to your first concert or anything or taking a road trip. You can write about how much fun you had or what you experienced. 9: Tell them something you’ve never told them before. It can either be a compliment or a secret or anything like that It makes them feel important. Like they really matter to you and it also shows that you really trust them. So those are some ways that can help you write a nice text for your friend(s) on Friendships Day with friendship SMS. Hope it brought a smile to their face and your face.