How To Start A Link Building Campaign?

How To Start A Link Building Campaign?

Link building is more of an art than a science. This is why it’s regarded as one of the most challenging part of search engine optimization. In order to succeed in link building, you need creativity and financial facilitation because some of the campaigns will require that you set aside a budget for that.

Depending on the size of your business and budget, you may decide to do the link building on your own or hire an SEO agency Leicester.

The first step in any link building campaign is to create the strategies and goals. The most unfortunate thing is that link building can be quite difficult to measure. Search engine optimisation experts oftentimes rely on a number of signals to help them in coming up with a rating scale indicating link value. Some of the metrics they use include:

Ranking for Relevant Search Phrases

One of the best ways to know how valuable a page is in front of a search engine is by searching using the top keywords the page targets. The ranking the search engine gives you shows how it views you compared to your competitors.

Domain Authority

This is a measure of the ranking prospects for a domain given a certain query. It is calculated by analyzing the domain graph on the internet and then comparing a certain domain to the many queries done through Google.

Competitor Backlinks

Looking at the backlinks of a competitor that is using your targeted search terms and ranking well can help you gain valuable intelligence on what you need to do to also up your ranking.

Number of Links on a Web Page

According to link building experts, the value a link passes to a website diminishes as the number of links on the page increase. This means being linked to from a page with few numbers of links is much more preferable than a page with lots of links.

Top Strategies in Link Building

For you to register success in link building, you can start off with the following strategies.

Asking Your Customers to Link to You

If you have loyal customers or partners you regularly work with, you can take advantage of this opportunity and ask them to link back to your website. The best way is to send them partnership badges which are simply graphic icons that link back to your website.

Build a Valuable and Informative Business Blog

Through blogging, you can contribute fresh, informative, and entertaining materials consistently. You can also participate in lots of conversations across the web and earn links and listings from other blog directories and blogrolls.

Be Newsworthy

If you want to earn links, you need to get the attention of bloggers, press, and news media. Among the best ways to do this is by releasing great new products, giving something away just for free, or even stating something that is controversial.

There are some marketers who spend their resources and time buying links from link farms. Search engines do not approve of this behavior and when they catch up with you, they will discredit your website and push you down the rankings. Go for long term link building strategies instead.