Hotels In Paris

Paris is widely known as the city of dreams and the fashion capital. It attracts hordes of people who expect to enjoy wonderful things. Paris is a spectacular and marvellous city, with its chic, ultramodern and magnificent representation of the European culture. As an example, Paris is widely known for its very popular museum, the Louvre, which should be visited by any art enthusiasts around the world.

Like many big cities in the world, Paris also has many hotels and they could be located in close proximity of major attractions, including Elysee Palace, Tuileries Garden, Place de la Concorde, Rue Saint Honore, Champs Elysees, the Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe and the celebrated Eiffel Tower. Some of the best hotels in the city include Sofitel Paris near Arc de Triomphe, Trianon Palace Versailles, Hotel du Lovre, Hyatt Regency Madeleine, Hotel Pont Royal and Hotel Plaza Athenee. According to suites and rooms we choose, hotels could charge anything from 600 Euro to 20,000 Euro per day. In general, only the most expensive hotels could provide the grandest luxuries for the guests.

Hotels In Paris

Alternatively, we could visit medium-priced hotels in Paris. There are many hotels in Paris that could give a balance between affordability and comfort. As an example, hotels on highways close to the Charles de Gaulle Airport are typically known as medium-priced hotels. They could provide us with fine accommodation and although not opulently decorated, we could get a sense of comfort when entering them. Medium-priced Parisian hotels are usually known for their posh and modern decor. In general, guests should feel very comfortable when they stay in their rooms. Often, we could consider most three and four star hotels in Paris as medium-priced ones.

Some medium-priced hotels may provide more plain breakfast, while others could offer us more sumptuous offerings. Breakfast halls should be quite roomy and there would be many options we could choose. In general, these hotels should be priced between 100 Euro and 600 Euro per day, depending on the amenities.

Paris is also known for its budget and affordable hotels and they are ideal for travellers on a stricter budget. Although those hotels come with basic amenities, we should be able to find more comfortable rooms. Cheap hotels can be found across Paris, but most are located in the artists’ quarters, Montmarte and flea markets. We could also choose hotels at Latin quarters, with hotels typically frequented by students and scholars who live on tighter budgets. When we want to experience Paris and everything that encapsulates its lively and tasteful culture, we shouldn’t stay in hotel for too long.

In this case, we may spend ten hours or less each day in our hotel room, just to sleep, take a bath and have breakfast. So for many people, it would be more prudent to choose budget hotels, because they may plan to stay outdoor most of the time. Paris is an absolutely enchanting city, so we should take full advantage of our stay there.