Have A Delicious Taste With Different Madra Recipes

Have A Delicious Taste With Different Madra Recipes

Everybody has heard that Indian cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world. But what makes it best, it is the number of varieties. The unique thing about Indian food is its lip-smacking taste. There are twenty-nine states in the country and each one has its own significance and specialty. A beautiful state Himachal Pradesh is not only famous for its climate and scenic beauty but also for its rich taste cuisine. A traveller enjoys this place too much. The Himalayan cuisine is blessed with a unique aroma and flavour. It is because of using lots of yogurt and cardamom in almost all the dishes and this gives them a mouth-watering taste.

The vegetables are not available in plenty in this hilly areas, thus most of the dishes are made from non-veg or dairy products including lots of buttermilk, curd, and ghee. The use of rich spices like chillies, cardamom, turmeric, coriander powder, and cinnamon makes a great dish. The state of full of tourist spots and the food is enough to make their memorable visit. One of the most popular dishes of Himachal Pradesh is Madra. Basically, it is gravy made out of yogurt. It is more known as Pahadi dish made with chickpeas. It can be eaten along with the chapatti and rice. Here are some best Madra recipes:

Chana Madra: The dish is full of flavour. The name itself brings water in the mouth. One can’t resist the aroma of this dish. One can make this dish at the home easily. You can find the recipe online easily. The recipe takes about 20 minutes, 5 min to prepare and 15 min to cook it. You can get step by step recipe. The dish can be served for lunch or dinner or in any special occasion.

Aloo Madra: The dish is a potato curry simmered in yogurt gravy with a rich creamy taste. If one has eaten the popular dish of south known as More Kuzhambu, one will surely love this dish. What make it unique are its spices. This easy to make recipe can be made very quickly. One doesn’t need to worry about the food in case of sudden guests. The dish has a mixture of sweet and sour flavour and one of the best Madra recipes. The dish does not require any extra, as it can be made just with the potatoes and some spices.

Rajma Madra: The dish is prepared in Dham, one of the most popular dishes of Himalayan marriages. The dish is prepared with kidney beans along with desi ghee. The way of cooking this recipe is very different. It is also a little bit difficult to prepare if compared to other recipes. The dish has lots of health benefits too. The dish is liked by every age group. A recipe with pictures can easily make you learn the recipe. This recipe is specially made for any special event and loved by all. So, give this dish a try and enjoy the delicious food with your family.