Greek Markets: Go To The Street and Feel Excited!

It is said that there was a big square not far from the Field of Mars on the top of Acropolis. It was the symbol for Romans with the special meaning. That was a popular meeting place for all citizens – a place, where people meet each other, talk, and share their impressions. It was also a place for trade. Later, that special place got its name – market.

Athens Markets

Varvakios Agora was founded in 1886 in Athens, not far from the central square. This is a commercial part of the city that makes it alive: you can see different sorts of products here from all over the country: grocery stores, food, meat and milk departments. It is noisy and loudly here. What about the prices? The food prices directly depend on the customer endorsement. In fact, the market dictates the price policy to the whole city. Never try to low the prices, just find the shop with the best prices for you.

You can buy something traditional from the Greek cuisine: seafood, cheese, spices. The variety of olives is impressive! You should try the big olives from Kalamata, black and juicy, or the smallest tasty olives from Crete. Every olive has its own taste. The shops always regulate their work to have all necessary products for delivery. The sweet paste, big variety of sea foods, oysters and octopus – everything is good for sale. The prices for meat are always cheap, especially in the period of fasting day.

Thousands of people come here to buy food for dinner. The local cafes and taverns work day and night for everyone, who is looking for the place to eat. You should try the hot meat soup, moussaka, or stuffed vegetables.


Thessaloniki Markets

The city was destroyed after a big fire of 1917. It was time when all the city multinational trade points were concentrated in one place. The market consists of more than 150 shops. Of course, this is the multinational place with the brightest European and bourgeois character. You can also find shops and restaurants here, meat stores and supermarket. You should hire a car in Thessaloniki to get to the market and stay there for a couple of hours. You should buy the fresh eggs, sausages and special Macedonian alcohol that is called Tsipouro.

Street Markets

Whenever you are, you can find the city market to buy anything. If you could not find the city market for different reasons, you can visit street markets. The street markets are usually organized in the different city regions every day. The market works for couple of hours. Oh, what a beautiful view you can see! Everything looks colorful, aromatic, hot and impressive. The fruits and vegetables that you are offered to buy are fresh. They were picked from the tree last night!

It is better to ask locals to find the right way to the nearest market. As a rule, the most of markets work from 7 in the morning till the noon. So, you have a great chance to buy fresh fruits and vegetables for breakfast. The prices are high in the morning and become lower hour by hour. What else did expect? All producers want to buy their goods. So, go ahead! Try to find the best fresh fish, greenery and other local delicacies.

Tsukiji fish market


Modiano Market, Thessaloniki

The central city market got the name Modiano. This is the biggest market in Thessaloniki. It was built in 1922 at the expenses of Modiano. The citizens of the city come here to buy fresh food. They also come here to visit one of the little cozy restaurants that are met at every corner. The merchants welcome visitors to come to their shops for the fresh bread, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits, greenery and spices, cheese and milk products. All that you can find in the market are home-grown.

So, going to the Central Market, be ready to buy food for attractive price. This is also a chance to learn the every-day life of Greek citizens, watch their atmosphere, rhythm.

City Market, Heraklion

The city market in Heraklion is rather popular touristic place that is Must Visit for all and everyone, tourists and locals. It was very important place for all citizens. Everything that you want to buy can be easily bought from the city market. It is still meaningful today. The prices are more than attractive. So, people come here to conduct their favorable deals. How about buying fresh fruits, vegetables, new shoes, antique goods, meat and cheese and other goods that are cheaper than somewhere else? There are cafes and restaurants on the market territory.


New Market, Rhodus

The New Market is located in Rhodus, opposite street the Mandraki Harbour. The market is the oldest place in the city. It is made in typical Eastern style. The beautiful building is decorated with gold and round domes. The building facade looks at the city harbor and a big inner patio. There are many trade areas, restaurants, numerous bars, confectionaries that are famous of their strawberry cakes and sweets. You can see food, jewelry, fish restaurants, grill restaurants, souvenir shops.


Monastiraki Flea Market, Athens

The Greek capital attracts thousands of tourists with not only its city attractions but numerous markets. The biggest of them is Monastiraki Flea Market that is placed in the center of Athens. You can walk here the day long to discover something new. You can buy here everything and even more. The market has got the name Monastiraki because it is located on the square of Monastiraki. This is the oldest trade square in Athens.

The market is especially attractive at night, when all the rest cafes and taverns are full of people. The air is full joy and amusement. The street market is not the shopping mall or fashionable boutique, this is the historical place, where you can spend your time wisely, with pleasure and adornment. If you want to learn a lot about the country traditions and people around – go to the street market.