Great Ways To Find Free Entertainment

You might be able to afford the occasional concert ticket, but when you’re out of money, it can be easy to get bored. You might not realize it, but there are actually several ways to get great entertainment for free.

If you look carefully enough, you can find all sorts of great free entertainment that can turn any day or night into an adventure without hurting your wallet. You should know about some of the best ways to find free entertainment so that the fun never has to stop just because of a low budget.

Visit an Open Mic Night

Open mic nights are usually free, and they are frequently hosted in coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. Simply go online and look for open mic nights near your city, and be sure to get there early. Seats often fill up quickly because friends and family come out to see the performers. There are several different kinds of open mic nights, including stand-up comedy shows, talent shows, concerts, and even poetry nights.

Open mic nights are perfect for dates, group hangouts, or even for enjoying the show by yourself. Remember to always be respectful to the performers, and be sure to give them a tip if you enjoy their performance.

Great Ways To Find Free Entertainment

Musical Fountains

In cities like Las Vegas, several casinos and big companies put musical water shows in front of their buildings. These giant fountains shoot water into the air, change colors, and sync to music. They’re completely free to watch, and they can be a great way to relax and unwind after dinner. Because these visual demonstrations require backlighting, they’re usually only on at night.

You can find musical fountains in shopping malls, public courtyards, casinos, and even theme parks. They’re always fun to watch and each one is unique and different. You can go online to look for a fountain show near you. In fact, there might be a musical fountain that’s closer to you than you think.

Street Performers

In cities like New York, Santa Monica, and San Francisco, street performers earn their living the fun way. There are several different types of street performers, but the widest variety of street performers can be found in major cities. You might find an amazing musician, an exciting magician, or a brilliant artist. The best part about watching street performers is that they’re completely free to watch. However, if you enjoy a street performer’s work, you should give them a tip. They work hard to earn it.

Public Parks

For nature lovers on a budget, public parks are a great way to enjoy the earth’s beauty without paying to experience it. There are public parks all over the world, and there’s probably a free one near you. Parks have all kinds of different aspects to enjoy such as gardens, playgrounds, games, and dining areas.

Parks are a great way to enjoy nature without having to spend a lot of money. They’re perfect for picnics, games, spending time with your kids, or simply reading a book under a tree.