Getting In Touch With Nature With An RV

Getting in Touch with Nature with an RV

While most people think of crowded camping sites and lengthy highways, not many people few consider that adventuring is very easily achieved with the modern technology that goes into RVs.

Many rental sites, such as Campanda, are host to countless RV models that come fully stocked with everything one would need to make it through a journey far from civilization. This includes things like large capacity water tanks, sustainable power generators and solar panels, and waste-collecting fittings.

A Whole World of Adventure 

In the United States alone, one has access to around 199 million brimming acres of public land, hosting around 4,300 campgrounds. While not all accommodate for RVs, you will indeed be able to find many spots deep within the heart of forests and mountain ranges where you can park your RV overnight.

A lot of RV companies that find themselves secluded in the more remote parts of the gorgeously diverse American countryside will have far less facilities available, which is why venturing forth in an RV that has been comprehensively equipped for a comfortable survival is essential.

What you want to look out for are the ‘disperse’ campgrounds, areas within the national forests where RV enthusiasts have the liberty to stop off anywhere they like. The best way to pinpoint such locations is obviously through the aid of the relevant national authorities, as well as online through official websites and popular camping forums.

Some of the Best Parks in America

With the RV adventure well established in your mind, let’s now look at some of the fantastic spots to visit in the United States. All of these locations have RV-friendly access routes and camping grounds.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon 

You will struggle to find better views than those found from the higher grounds of the valley that rings the enormous crater filled with azure water. Oregon is home to some of the most picturesque spots in the whole of America, but the Crater Lake is an absolute national wonder. In terms of wildlife. The black bear is a rarely sighted resident of this region. 

Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina 

The camping spots in this massive park are available closer to the northern section, where one will encounter the ocean. South Carolina has many hidden beaches, but the ones found in the Hunting Island State Park need to be seen to be believed. There is also an incredible diversity of wildlife to be found here.

Pecan Park Campground, Texas 

Enter the lofty grove of lush pecan trees that line the sparkling San Marcos River and you will be in the Pecan Park Campground in Texas. Here you will experience a still and abundant atmosphere, what many describe to be a true paradise.

If you despise winter, then Texas is the perfect opportunity for those that thrive off summer to get acquainted with the very mild Texas winter. You can also expect to see very little rain in this part of the world, another bonus for warm weather enthusiasts.

With so many places full of nature to explore, it’s a no-brainer to rent an RV and drive to some of these destinations. You won’t regret experiencing the wildlife and natural resources that these RV-friendly locations in the United States have to offer.