Dream Weddings in Portugal: Recommendations and Rules to Follow

Wedding day is special day to open new horizons. If you are ready to have adventures, they are starting now. This post is about wedding and happiness in Portuguese. Let the light Atlantic breeze to air the wedding dress when the bride says Yes. You are welcomed to travel through the amazing country and join in marriage. As a matter of fact, Portugal is not the popular touristic place, like Cyprus or Turkey. Nevertheless, the bays and lagoons, mountains and beaches are amazing.

Why Portugal?

Portugal is situated at the brink of Europe, on the coast of Atlantic Ocean. It is said that Portugal differs from the rest of countries, absorbing interesting features from different countries. It is because Portugal used to be the richest country in Europe. Brazil, Angola, Goa, Cape Verde were Portuguese colonies. So, this is the unique combination of many different cultures. Of course, the first and foremost, Portugal is ocean and beach territory, grapes and olive trees, green valleys and mysterious forests.

What about Port wine? It is cheap in Portugal. So, you may order Port wine for your wedding for cheap without limitations.

Pearl Beach wedding

Budget Wedding in Portugal

Many people thing that wedding in other country is rather vacations than wedding ceremony. They cannot see the sense of ceremony. It is said but the most of young couples think so. Remember, wedding is wedding: holiday, wedding ceremony, wedding dress, traditions and guests, all together. The standard budget is 1250 EUR. This is a minimum set of wedding services. The chic all-inclusive wedding in a beautiful romantic place for 50 guests is about 10 000 EUR.

Where to Start?

The first and foremost, you have to realize that this is not your holiday, but wedding. Of course, you can organize your ceremony in a month and use last minute travel offer to make it cheaper. It is better to plan everything beforehand. For example, Lisbon boasts with one worthy wedding platform: in March is it reserved up to October.

The second: it is important to hire not a travelling company to go abroad, but wedding company that helps you to solve all wedding problems, including calculating budget and color of your lipstick. It must be good reliable wedding company, not photographer or designer. This is your right hand for 100 %. It can be really difficult to organize wedding in the country you do not know about.


Classic Wedding Set: Ocean, Beach, Palms

Portugal is a country that has all necessary equipment for your wedding: romantic ocean, white beaches, deep forests, surfing and golf, castles and palaces, ancient and new technologies, angels and gargoules. Actually, Portuguese wedding platform is not classic azure landscapes that you can see in Greece or Italy. This is something more and interesting. When you are standing on Cabo Espichel (rock in the ocean), it seems that you are at the end of the earth. By the way, The South of Portugal – Algarve, has the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Wedding Season

Pay your special attention to spring and autumn. Actually, the wedding season in Portugal lasts from April till November. Madeira is an island when wedding season lasts the whole year. Do you want to have wedding ceremony on a beach? It will be difficult to find a good place on the beach in summer. It is much better to get married in autumn or spring when the territory is free and prices are not high.

Wedding in Portuguese cities, islands and suburbs is not a popular trend in our days. Nevertheless, this is a great chance to spend your wedding and honey moon in the country that you have never visited before. It is really inspiring. How about this:

Symbol Wedding in Algarve or Yachting in Atlantic Ocean

Algarve is Portuguese province that is situated in the South of the country. It is washed by Atlantic water from the West and South. The beaches are 200 kilometers length. This is one of the most admirable corners of our planet: never ending seashore, romantic hills, aromatic flowers, orange trees, red rocks. Every little thing is inspiring. The wedding package contains:

Meeting sunset in the chic luxury yacht (3 hours rent);

Musical individual program;

Wedding coordinator;


Port wine and canape for ceremony banquet;

Bride’s bouquet and buttonhole;

Rental car services in Faro, Lisbon, Porto for you and your guests.


Symbol Wedding Ceremony on the Beaches of Faro

Portugal is rich in different sights and interesting places, historical and natural. As you know, the country is washed with Atlantic water. The beach line is long and full of beautiful romantic places. The symbol wedding ceremony on the beach of Atlantic Ocean is a good start of your family life. The standard wedding pack contains:

Symbol ceremony in language you need;

Wedding platform rent;

Wedding coordinator and support tem;

Wedding decorations;

Bride’s bouquet and buttonhole;

Wedding certificate;

Picnic on a beach.

Symbol Wedding Ceremony in the Ancient Castle

Portugal is colorful and ancient country of Europe. It has its own history and numerous city sights. The face of the country is a number of castles and palaces, boasting with style and beauty. There is nothing better for wedding than ancient palace. This is the successful start of your new happy life. The list of services contains:

Symbol ceremony in different languages;

Wedding platform rent;

Wedding coordinator and support team;

Decorations with flowers;

Bride’s bouquet and buttonhole;

Wedding certificate.

TOP 5 Rules for Newly Wedded Couples

Plan your wedding abroad beforehand. It is better to have enough time to think about every small thing. The half a year is enough;

Invite your close friends and relatives. They are welcome guests on your wedding in any quantity;

If you want to save money, you can save it for decorations, Remember that Portuguese nature is the best natural decoration for your ceremony and romantic pictures;

Listen to your wedding organizer. You get married in the first time, and wedding company is a real pro in wedding procedure;

Be happy!