Dehradun – A Godsend Gift To Uttarakhand

Dehradun - A Godsend Gift To Uttarakhand

Flanked by pristine hill stations and heavenly towns in all quarters, Dehradun need not do much to draw crowd into its city. The pristine hill stations, lakes, waterfall and the picturesque landscape that has gone widespread in the form of pictures or word of mouth is enough to make tourism a booming business in this place. This article talks about how important Dehradun is for Uttarakhand in terms of tourism.

Uttarakhand plays home to some of the most pristine spots in India and Dehradun is one of them. Dehradun in itself is beautiful and picturesque but what the world thanks it for, is because it opens the door to travellers to the many beautiful pristine hill stations and small towns which make for a perfect weekend getaway or a relaxing holiday. Dehradun to Delhi flights operate on a regular basis and once you touch base in Dehradun, there is nothing that can stop you.

Dehradun - A Godsend Gift To Uttarakhand

One of the best places you can visit near Dehradun is Chakrata. Known for its lovely landscape and pristine waterfalls, Chakrata is basically a spot for those looking for some outdoor fun. Hills, anywhere on the planet are nature’s oddity of riddle and magnificence. Chakrata is abundant in characteristic magnificence and one of the best places in India for spelunking i.e. cave exploring. There are a ton of caves spread over the whole area. The majority of them are shaped out of the limestone and have dazzling stalagmite and stalactites. The caves near the Tiger falls and near the ranges of Budher and Sahiya are the most popular in this region. These caves are set about 30 km from Chakrata. The cave framework is 150m long and as indicated by nearby legends was worked by the Pandavas amid the Mahabharata time frame.

Much like the entire of Chakrata, the Tiger Falls are concealed in the overwhelming mountains and openness. As usual, any visitor visiting Chakrata for the first time gasp in awe at the sight of falls that stand at a magnificent stature of a thousand feet and not unmistakable to the eye unless seen from no less than 50 meters separation, since the mountains cover them so well. The agony and the hurt you feel in your body will all be worth the effort and sacrifice if you trek high up to some beautiful viewpoints to get a better view of the whole surrounding landscapes.

Another place you can visit is Deoban. Lying in the lap of Himalayas and with a flawless perspective of the extent also, Deoban is one place not too far from Chakrata and Dehradun that you can visit. It is believed that this is the very place, where Sage Vyas had completed the Mahabharata. This place is also well known for being the perfect viewpoint to see the whole surrounding landscapes of the Himalayan range. This area is flanked by thick beautiful deodar trees which also plays home to various kinds of birds, both from the region and the rare endangered ones in addition to the bunch of migratory birds. This place truly is a wildlife and nature lover’s paradise.