Compact, Portable & Affordable Camping Stove For Every Outdoor Picnic

The BRS – 3000T Ultra – light 25g Miniature Stove Burner is a light-weight Camping Stove designed as the ultimate carry stove for campers. Its unique design and compact size make it the perfect equipment to include in your camping gear.

Main Features

The main features of the Camping Stove are as following:

  • It is ultra light and designed for outdoor camping activities
  • Ideal for use with butane gas
  • It consumes 140g per hour of gas and has combustion power at 2,700W.

Solid Construction & Design

The Camping Stove is made of stainless steel and aluminium alloy. Thanks to this unique alloy, it is capable of withstanding high temperatures. It can hold up to 18 cm diameter pots. Thanks to its high thermal efficiency, it has strong fire power.

Its small and foldable design makes it easily portable. It is used with lightweight circinal screw gas holder and can be collected in a plastic box. The Camping Equipment is a must have for every outdoor picnic you have planned. The Stove can be carried in a plastic case. It is too small to be carried along whenever you head out.

Compact, Portable & Affordable Camping Stove For Every Outdoor Picnic

Reliable & Quick Ignition System

The high-energy piezoelectric ignition system provides all the convenience when it comes to using this stove burner outdoors. The system enables quick ignition, which remains consistent thanks to the strong valve connection for the flame. The flame remains strong without concern whether you are using low or high setting.

The flame is fuel efficient and could last the butane canister for many days. You could use a pan up to 18 cm (7 inch) on the stovetop.

High Pot Stability

The Camping Equipment from has a collapsible pot stand. Fold it in accordion style and store it away when not in use. The tiny feet at the stand’s end can be rotated out to support wider pots.

This unique system provides high stability to wider pots as the tiny feet make complete contact with the pot bottom. You could open the lid to check inside the pot without worrying about a spill. This is especially beneficial in the case of young campers who may not be as capable as their more experienced counterparts.

This Camping Stove is a small and easily affordable addition to any camping gear. You should no longer have to rely on the campfire to prepare your food, which was almost always cumbersome.