Co-Working Business: TOP 8 Popular Co-Working Centers In Barcelona

The new times, new decisions, new solutions – everyone wants to start your own business. Nevertheless, it often happens that your initiative idea meet such difficulties like lack of space. You do not have space to meet your clients, negotiate with someone or make deals. This is not a problem in our days. What do you know about co-working centers? Co-working center is collective office that is modernly equipped and available to hire for one day or several weeks. You know, this is a world-popular movement now.

Co-working in Barcelona is a real philosophy. This is not only comfortable physical space for work, but intellectual atmosphere, where your business ideas come true. You may hire a car in Barcelona and go to find the most comfortable space for you. You meet big respectable innovative platforms and cozy offices that are perfect for freelancers and talented people. What do you want?

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Crec Center

This is intellectual community that is situated in the industrial park. There are co-working center, meeting rooms, studio, relax room. You can learn the time table of educational course, training lessons for professional and personal growth. If you have something to say to the world, you can organize your meeting or conferences in specially equipped rooms in Crec. Co-working residents have a right for working space, personal file cabinet, meeting hall, WiFi, free consultations and fitness-club. Never miss such important events as shooting for newcomers or drink-party.


25 EUR per day

100 EUR per month (Monday-Friday 3p.m.-10p.m.)

155 EUR per month (Monday-Friday 8a.m.-3p.m.)

225 EUR per month (Monday-Friday 8a.m.-10 p.m.)

Address: Carrer Blesa 27

Impact Hub Barcelona

Impact Hub Barcelona is a part of big chain, including more than 60 centers all over the world. They want to change our world for better with the help of talented people. This is 800 square meters for inspiration, cooperation, creativeness and experience. The mobile working space and conference halls welcome 5-80 visitors: experienced entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, and creative people. What is more, you can learn how to conduct meeting effectively to produce new business strategies. The co-working center is situated in the historical square in Barcelona.


Hub Basic 15 EUR per month

Hub connect 25 EUR per month

Hub 100 180 EUR per month

Residents 250 EUR per month

Address: Placa Reial 18

Espai Born

This co-working center with exclusive design is situated in the heart of the picturesque bohemian district Born. You can find collegial office of 20 square meters, library, conference hall, auditoriums. There is a big shop-window. You can place your creative works and ideas right here. The center works every day without breaks. This is a unique place where you can work smiling and effectively, expecting for positive results.


Mini 80 EUR per month

Standard 140 EUR per month

Pro 200 EUR per month

Address: Carrer Vigatans, 11

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Valkiria Hub Space

Valkiria Hub Space is also called the center of business world in Barcelona. The area of the center is 1500 square meters. It consists of co-working zones for individual and group work, conference-halls, well-developed infrastructure for holding different events. The primary goal of this innovative platform is creating special working space, motivating creative cooperation for all participants. The guests are offered OpenOffice (open zone and 8 working places), OpenSpace (оopen zone and 24 working places) and private cabinets. Co-Baby program helps people to combine their business with kids.


20 EUR per day

Address: Carrer Pujades 126 (Poble Nou)


Betahouse is one more alternative for home-working people. Looking for comfortable working space and good company, pay attention to this modern co-working center that consists of 6 floors: collective office, event hall, patio, meeting rooms, terrace with the admirable view. You can use cabinets that are effective for intellectual work. There is also a workshop. Betahouse takes care of visitors’ health and well-being. You may get free consultation of neurologist on the third floor.


20 EUR per day

Club 79 EUR per month

Fullhous flex 159 EUR per month

Fullhous fix 229 EUR per month.

Address: Carrer de Vilafranca, 7

Google Umbono - Boardroom, Designed by Haldane Martin, Photo Micky Hoyle

MOB Makers of Barcelona

C-working center MOB Makers is 1000 square meters. You have a great chance to implement your ideas into 3D. There is the first in the Europe FabCafe, where you can print all you need in 3D, drinking coffee. MOB Makers is not only co-working center but business motor that helps to develop your project in different stages, from A to Z. You know, this is the intellectual fitness center for creative society. The workshops, courses, innovative ideas are waiting for you.


Traveller 20 EUR per day

Ten 100 EUR per month

Full Movil 120 EUR per month

Super 220 EUR per month

Address: Calle Bailen, 11, Bajos

Talent Garden Barcelona

Talent Garden is a chain of co-working centers, specialized in digital and technology projects. This chain gather together 500 creative people from Europe and USA. The center in Barcelona is for 35 participants. You get well-equipped working place, three conference-halls, resting zone. TAG Barcelona is a place  where professionals can develop their projects. There is a special program of advanced training.


TAG Night 150 EUR per month

TAG Flex 180 EUR per month

TAG Full 250 EUR per month

Address: Carrer de Muntaner, 239

Kitchen Budapest


Start your day with the cup of aromatic tea or coffee and pop-corn and finish it with BBQ or Ping-Pong duel. This co-office is situated in the center of Barcelona not far from the main street. The primary goal of this center is not only creating new working places but giving competent support to innovations and partnership. There is nothing difficult in starting your own business. All you need is calm and friendly atmosphere. The pricing variants include free Internet, scanner, printer, kitchen and hammock. Besides, you can use meeting room for 6 persons.


Pipoca fija 180 EUR per month

Pipoca flexible 150 EUR per month

½ Pipoca 90 EUR per month

20 EUR per day

Address: Carrer Portaferrissa, 8