Christmas Time In Rome, A Holiday You Are Going To Treasure For Long

It’s December, the most awaited month of Christmas, the month of fun and merriment. Christmas is the right time to be in Rome, the majestic city that gears up with all its delightful events and activities to celebrate Christmas. The sparkling lights, shopping hubs, Christmas trees – Christmas is the most wonderful time to be in Rome. You can plan the period from Christmas to the New Year along with a few days on either side. Plan a travel to Rome during Christmas to make the most out of it, learn the top things you simply cannot miss out when you are in Rome. From lively markets to outdoor ice rinks, religious parades and choir performances, the celebrations are everywhere and there are plenty to love.

Rome is the place where celebration of Christmas had its origin. As you are holidaying in Rome during Christmas, do not miss the opportunity to see the Pope. In fact, Christmas is the most celebrated occasion when you get ample opportunities to see the Pope. Christmas in Rome means a celebration for many days – the Christmas markets like the one at Piazza Navona pop up with a new grandeur. The Roman Christmas markets burst with festivity with bountiful stalls with gifts, ornaments, food, trees and pretty trinkets. Hang around in the Christmas markets, lit up with Christmas lights; enjoy the street performers playing Christmas and have a jolly good time.

Christmas lights and decorations in Rome is something which gets bigger, better and more extravagant every year. Not only Centro Storico but the Termini, Fiumicino airport and EUR all dazzle with stunning displays. The churches in the cities too get adorned with fantastic decorations.

Being in Rome during Christmas means getting the excellent opportunity to slip and slide and get a festive feel of ice skating underneath the iconic Castel Sant’Angelo and also at rinks at Tor di Quinto, Re di Roma and Villa Gordiani. Christmas is incomplete without some Christmas carols or classical music and the academy of Santa Cecilia is the perfect place to enjoy holiday themed concerts. Visiting Italy is an excellent opportunity to pamper your taste buds with some of its delicious dishes and Christmas is the season when you have even more dishes to choose from. Indulge in its most famous sweets like Torrone, Panettone and Pandoro.

Make your Christmas special by attending midnight mass at any of the churches of the city. St Peters Square, beautiful square decorated with a massive tree and a nativity scene is something you cannot miss. The Auditorium, highlighted by the festive atmosphere is a place where you can enjoy the ice rink and many concerts and shop at the market stalls. And do not forget to watch the nativity scenes across the city.

Be it Christmas or any other time, Rome is always there to mesmerize you at every turn.  Feeling tempted to plan your next vacation in Rome? The first step would be choosing one of the prime online travel agencies. To ensure a successful and hassle-free holiday, always look for an online travel agency where you can book everything from the flights, the hotel and even car hire, all in one place. For Las Vegas travel related booking log on to