How to Properly Recycle Old Phones?

On average, people have two or three unused/damaged phones in their homes. They were once our valuable toys and now only pieces of junk. In general, we all love toys and we want new ones almost every few months. We should know what to do with these new things. There’s no use of letting them clogging our drawer space and slowly gather dust. Also, simply throwing our old phones in the waste bins won’t be an appropriate thing to do. In general, it is possible to sell our old phones online, but the prices can be so low that they don’t justify the shipment charges. It is probably better to try selling the phones to people in local areas. In fact many people would buy our “junks” willingly. They don’t want to fork out more than $500 for a smartphone model, especially if they use mobile phones mostly for text messages and voice calls. The basic uses of phone are still the same that is to make phone calls and send text messages.

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How to Properly Recycle Old Phones

Things will be much easier if we have an old iPhone model. Apple released its first iconic smartphone model in 2007 and we can assume that some people would be happy to have an iPhone, even if it is the old, original model. Many people habitually hoard their smartphones, because they don’t have an idea on how to sell their smartphone models. Their reluctance could be understandable, because people may fear that their personal data could be stolen by others, despite their attempt to reset the phone and flush data from the internal storage. However, many are simply too lazy to make a real effort to publish ads and look for new owners actively. The market is already flooded with billions of used smartphones and in some cases, some models still have reasonably high resale values. Some fans would still agree to spend a few hundreds of dollars to get an older Samsung Galaxy S or iPhone model.

Some manufacturers like Apple and Samsung are known for their loyal fans, so it is probably a good idea to consider selling mid-tier or high-end models produced by these companies. Some people still can’t keep up with new phone releases, so they are willing to purchase a two years old device.

Not all used smartphones are usable and damaged ones can cost more to repair, compared to their resale values. However, it is a bad idea to immediately throw away our phones. A typical phone may contain different toxic materials, such as foam, inserts, heavy metals, plastics and paints. Toxic substances inside a phone may include brominated flame retardants, cadmium, mercury and lead. These gadgets would immediately pollute our environments when thrown away. Another possible environmental risk is that these phones could contaminate the surrounding bodies of water. In fact, if there is no a recycle centers that specialize on mobile phones, it is probably better to keep them in our drawers until we have an opportunity to dispose them safely.