Choosing Edinburgh For Your Conference

Edinburgh is a vibrant and thriving city for every single type of visitor. If you have a business event, an important convention or your annual company conference to organise then choosing Edinburgh will not be a disappointment. The venues for hire Edinburgh has to offer are varied and at The Royal Scots Club we have conference and meeting rooms for a wide size of business and company.

Edinburgh is a city packed with history and culture. With the Old Town and New Town architecture to enjoy and the stunning palace at Holyroodhouse. The city is full of art collections, museums and points of interest for every type of visitor.

International delegates will not be disappointed by the stunning range of events and activities and as host you can give them a tour of the city, show them the sights and arrange evening entertainment and dining in a wide range of different establishments.

Edinburgh is home to academic excellent and scientific expertise and is a leading research hub for political economics, micro-engineering and many other fields. It’s a wonderful choice if you’re hosting a conference where expert speakers may be required.

There are so many reasons that choosing one of the many conference venues Edinburgh has to offer will benefit your business and below is a closer look at our top five.


Edinburgh is a World Heritage Site and the architecture and galleries cannot be compared to anywhere else on the planet. There are theatres, museums and arts venues wherever you turn and something for everybody.


Edinburgh is a centre of excellent in many field sincluding medicine, science, technology and finance. It is also the first UNESCO City of Literature and is constantly adapting and evolving to incorporate the needs and talents of its population.


Edinburgh is easy to access and travel around. It is a very compact city. The airport is just 8 miles from the city centre and there are more than 100 direct air routes to other cities across the world. This is ideal if you’re holding an international event and you have conference delegates visiting from around the world.


Restaurants may not be the most important thing about your conference but a wide range of choice will keep almost every type of delegate happy. There are more restaurants per head in population than any other city in Britain.

Whether you’re looking for traditional Scottish fayre or a range of fusion or multicultural dishes you will find somewhere in Edinburgh ready to serve it to you.


Edinburgh has a wide and varied population with many people choosing to live in the city on graduation or migrating into the city. The city has a warm, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere and professionalism in the range of Edinburgh conference venues won’t disappoint.

These are just some of the highlights- once you start arranging the finer details of your conference you’ll surely see everything else the city has to offer.

The Royal Scots Club offer modern conference facilities for your business housed within our stunning building on one of the city’s finest Georgian streets.

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