Brightness Concept: Tips In Illuminating Your Household Appropriately

Brightness Concept: Tips In Illuminating Your Household Appropriately

An outstanding display is the sum of its part. It is always crucial to start with basics and layer on attachments to make it flashy because if you try too hard to put all layers together randomly, chances are you will just mess it up in the end which you would not want to happen.

To correctly utilize home lighting, layering concept is a must. Whether you want to develop the light for a particular room or arrange a lighting for the whole house, these are some tips to keep in mind.

Family Room or Living Room

Brightness Concept: Tips In Illuminating Your Household Appropriately

The living room is an area of the house where people usually gather for extended hours and engage in a variety of activities, such as watching television, playing board games or laptop and conversations. Knowing those events happen in the family room, the significance of the concept of light layering is essential.

Illuminating the Living Room

  • Task Lighting. Floor and table lamps are an excellent approach to incorporate lighting specifically for specific particular activities like reading, play games, and much more. As you arrange the area, make sure to factor in outlets in the ceiling or the wall to provide you the choices you require for access. Also, you can go for table lamps placed near a chair for reading or table for games.
  • Accent Lighting. Display lighting in the living room highlights the structural element like a plant, fireplace and much more. If your living room has plenty of art hanging on the wall surface, the strip lighting is an ideal lighting to highlight them.
  • Ambient Lighting. It presents as the primary light source for the living room. Try providing the living room with ambient lighting through the walls, and you can achieve it with valance lighting. For additional comfort, go for an easy to change or customize ceiling fan fixture that includes lights.


Brightness Concept: Tips In Illuminating Your Household Appropriately

The massive focus on function in this particular area of the household is the preparation of food and cleanup. Also, the kitchen tends to become a gathering spot, which is why a careful consideration of designer lighting is crucial.

Illuminating the Kitchen

  • Task lighting. Most activities in the kitchen take place in the sink or stove and lighting these specific areas is a must. One of the primary reasons as to why sinks are near at a window is that to take advantage of the natural light which is still popular among experts in lighting.  Enhancing the natural light with a recessed fixture above the sink or a ceiling mounted lights is an excellent idea.
  • Mood lighting. A chandelier over the table for dining, pendant lights over a minibar space and a light fixture just over the kitchen island are approaches to add texture and design to your kitchen while adding another layer of lighting is individually used or paired with can lighting.
  • Can lighting. It is best to put can lightings on a darker switch to allow for adjustment which is important so that the homeowners can regulate the feel of the room by increasing or softening the light as necessary.


Brightness Concept: Tips In Illuminating Your Household Appropriately

The bathroom requires a meticulous application of lighting placement as well because this particular area of the house emphasized on personal grooming which needs looking at oneself in a mirror.

Many bathrooms highlight a central ceiling mounted fixture which casts a shade while a person is looking in front of a mirror, which you would not want to happen to you for people must look at their best when they see themselves in the mirror.

Central ceiling mounted fixture intensely casts a shade on your forehead, below your eyes, nose, and parts of the mouth. Also, it is best to refrain from lights installed above the mirror to prevent such images.

If done correctly, you can establish a correct mixture of light sources which allows you to select what light to illuminate to fascinate your mood.

  • Vanity lighting. Varying on the display and size of the vanity, the specifications of the lighting could include wall sconces on either side of the mirror and refrain from putting one on the top.
  • Shower lighting. Usually, the shower and fan combo help light the space for shower and grants an exhaust for the moisture. The switches may be waterproof, but it is always best to have it installed just outside the entrance of the shower.
  • Decorative lighting. The unique factor of decorative lighting is that it provides visual glitters to your bathroom to make it shine.  The lighting is best used to accessorize your home as it helps in bringing out your home’s excellent image. However, others may suggest installing a beautiful chandelier over the tub, but do not follow it for it is hazardous and a violation of a building code.


Providing your home with lights is easy, however as easy as it is, the hazardous it can be. To prevent home risk, be sure to carefully plan the right lighting in the areas of your home especially the busiest one to provide comfort as well as safety for the household members.