6 Awesome Flower Assortment Ideas For The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

Do you think that your partner or soul mate is bored with heart shaped rose bouquets? Well going conventional with flowers on the Valentine’s Day can be predictable and uninteresting. Often this can spoil your romantic candle light dinner date. If roses are not the most preferable flowers for him or her, following are some out of the box ideas to send Valentine flowers to India and create an impression.

  1. Blue Orchids and Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

Now that the roses and purple orchids are common flower choices for the masses, you can create a difference by choosing blue orchids this time. It will be even more surprising to place Ferrero Rocher with the flowers. This type of mixed bouquets is available with some rare gift websites. You can also choose to replace Ferrero Rocher with dark chocolates, heart shaped chocolates and others as per choices.

  1. Flower Bouquet with Soft Toys

The U and Me soft toy bouquets are very special on Valentine’s Day. The bouquet of flowers combined with two little cute teddies in the center is very charming.

  1. Go Green- Gift a Flower Plant

Nowadays you can order flower plants. You can choose a good bamboo luck plant, fiscus bonsai or anything else that can be of interest to your partner. The tropical hibiscus is very refreshing species with bright orange flowers.

  1. Numeric Flower Arrangements

You do not want to reveal your age in numbers but when it comes to counting the years of relationship, go numeric to make a difference. The bouquet with flowers arranged to depict the number of years or months of relationship is a great idea to make a difference.

  1. Mixed Flower Bouquet

When a bouquet of one type of flower looks monotonous, the mixed floral arrangements are colorful, refreshing and aromatic. You can mix lilies, tulips and other spring flowers in the same bouquet. When you do so, choose soft colors to create a soothing effect on the mind.

  1. Flowers and Bud Stems in a Vase

Some people urge to preserve the flowers they receive as gifts. Giving them a set of flowers with some bud stems of fragrant lilies can be a good idea. Red roses with white lily buds will remain fresh for about 4 to 5 days filling the sweet scent in the entire room. So if you are partying at home, a crystal vase full of mixed flowers and buds will also serve as a decoration for the dinner table.

Planning something special and unique always makes your date perfect on the Valentine’s Day date. Always remember, there is no holiday on this date. You will have to rush for a dinner or a small quality dating time to celebrate your relationship. Under such circumstances, you can easily place an order with any reputed gift portal with good stock of exotic Valentine flowers. These websites have wide network of florists across the country. Choose a fixed time delivery when you send flowers to your Valentine. It will be great to mention the delivery address of the dating venue and time.