Booking Cheap Flights To Bali(Denpasar Airport)

Booking Cheap Flights To Bali(Denpasar Airport)

whenever we go to reserve our Bali flights, we are always looking for the best cheap plane tickets to Bali to keep the costs down for our family. we’d much prefer to invest more on wonderful accommodation than how we will take flights to Denpasar Airport. That said, we’ll only ever soar immediate to Bali as the less international airports and airfare time, the better for us! This post is most relevant for Australians soaring to Bali, as the info provided below is how we book our plane tickets from Australia to Bali. No guesses for what my preferred application is on my telephone!! Skyscanner Bali flight selections are preserved as notifications on my cellphone, so whenever cheap Bali plane tickets come up, I’m notified right away.

If you’re traveling to Bali, without doubt you’re hoping to receive the best flights and accommodation for the best possible price. No person desires to pay full price because of their airfare or accommodation when there are so many deals to be enjoyed. Knowing when and where to find the special discounts isn’t always easy, though.

Booking Cheap Flights To Bali(Denpasar Airport)

Airfare sales

Sales come and go, and sometimes they only last a day – or less – so you can certainly blink and miss them. Widen your bargain-hunting radar by registering to e-mail lists for airlines and choosing sites, or following them on communal marketing. (You can always unfollow/unsubscribe once you have booked your holiday.)

Bargain-hunter sites like ozbargain and finder also keep an eye on the latest air travel sales and special offers, and you could use flight-specific sites like secretflying to alert someone to cheap flights departing from your area of the world.

Price alerts

Most airlines and airfare comparison sites allow you to set up price alerts, which suggestion you off if the purchase price drops on flights you find attractive. Once the site has learned you’re buying a flight from Sydney to Denpasar, for example, it could prompt you to create an alert. This is not just an annoying pop-up to be ignored – price notifications are well worth subscribing to if you’re searching well before your departure night out and you’re happy to wait for a deal fare to come the right path.

Tips to save money when you book

Book early. Last-minute savings on airfares aren’t common. Plane tickets generally get more costly closer to their departure night out, so lock them in as soon as you can. You might have better luck finding accommodation that’s been low priced at the eleventh hour, but you will also find early bird special deals – that are a much safer gamble.

Travel off-peak. Hotel rates is going to be higher in the peak season (May to October, as well as Xmas and New 12 months) and plane tickets from Australia generally cost more during college holidays.

Stay longer. If you are settling in for a long period of time, look for accommodation that offers a weekly rate or special offers such as ‘stay three times, find the fourth free’.

Booking Cheap Flights To Bali(Denpasar Airport)

Booklet weekdays. Most hotels fee higher rates at the weekend and many offer special bargains for midweek keeps. Plane tickets will generally become more expensive on the weekend, specifically Friday nights or Sunday (departing to Bali) and Sunday (returning to Australia).

Go directly to the source. If you find much on a contrast booking site, visit the flight or hotel’s website to see when you can find a better rate. Try contacting the hotel immediately and asking if indeed they can combat the purchase price you aquired online – it’s value their while, since they lose a percentage of their charge when they acquire bookings via a third-party site.

Consider a deal. A airline flight and accommodation combo can be considered a hassle-free money saver. Just be sure you are actually getting a good deal (search to see if the average person rates aren’t cheaper) and check guest reviews for the hotel.

Tips to cut costs once you’re in Bali

Eat local food. Balinese food will likely cost you significantly less than American or other non-Indonesian food, or the meals in your hotel. Cheap and cheerful ‘warungs’ (local-style restaurants) help meals for the equivalent of simply a few Australian us dollars.

Drink beer. Wine isn’t common in Bali, so expect to pay a lot of money if you expensive a drop with evening meal. Local beers, however, are cheap as chips.

Get a massage on the beach. Hotel spa treatments often will not be much cheaper than what you’d pay in Australia, but a therapeutic massage from an area on the beach is a small percentage of the price.

Get taxis. Taxis and tuk-tuks are reasonably priced and they are a whole lot cheaper and less stressful than selecting a car – unless you’re planning on going a long way off the beaten keep track of.

Haggle. It’s correctly normal for street sellers to quote you an inflated price on clothing and souvenirs, so have a go at chatting them down. Don’t take it too significantly though – remember that most Balinese people earn much less money than you do.

We usually journey with Jetstar Australia as they may have the best charges for our Melbourne to Bali flights. The reason we say they may have the best prices is because of the Jetstar Price Beat warranty. If you discover a much better price on a primary international flight on a single day you wish to travel, Jetstar will whip it by 10%. We does this on our previous Bali getaway as Jetstar possessed the better air travel times for us but other airlines were cheaper. we know that a lot of people will never take a flight Jetstar again after bad experiences with cancellations but also for our family on 4 holiday seasons to Bali, we’ve never been infected. If you are about to e book Jetstar plane tickets to Bali, check out my tips below and exactly how by changing a few choices on our family of 4 latest arranging to Bali, I saved over $168 AUD on our plane tickets. Better allocated to cocktails! Have a look at our tips how to plan and also have the best getaway possible to Bali with kids here.


Skyscanner App set to direct Bali plane tickets around my preferred times. That is fantastic to alert you to any specials which come out.

Use the Jetstar price overcome guarantee. If you find a cheaper direct airfare to Bali on a single day that plane tickets can be found with Jetstar, they will price master by 10%. A great way to travel at better times including the afternoon flight back to Melbourne rather than the usual Midnight flights.

Join Golf club Jetstar if soaring with 2 people and even more at least once a year. we had been always reluctant to get this done as I thought it was another money pick up but we did so save with our last flight bookings as you save on most plane tickets, baggage and seats selections. Check out the training video below about how we kept the cash.

Don’t purchase your luggage all together group. Manage your luggage allocation separately to have the best value for the money and safe cash.

Don’t buy the bundles if you don’t aren’t exactly sure if you want to change your schedules. They are costly and just the typical bundles at $70 each cost a family group of 4 $560 come back together with your airfares. They are doing include 20kg of luggage each, standard seating selection and dishes but we always take our very own food as the youngsters don’t usually eat the expensive air travel meals anyway.

Use Poli Bank to cover your plane tickets. You avoid fees which is super easy and secure to work with.