Top 5 Skiing Tips for Beginners

Skiing can be an extremely challenging sport or hobby to get involved with in respect to weather conditions, technique and even equipment required.  It is very difficult from other sports where not much effort is required for example football or baseball.  That said, the number of people getting themselves into the sport has increased significantly and continues to rise year on year.  Getting into the sport as beginner can be a bit of a challenge however here are some tips to help get you there:


There are actually some really reputable ski courses for improvers where if you have the basic skillset then you can enhance these.  One of the perceptions with these type of courses is that they are really expensive.  That doesn’t need to be the case, some of these courses can be completed at your local ski resort for some reasonable prices.  These courses can be very selective and start right from the beginning including technique, what equipment is required and also how to do things like snow boarding if that’s an option.  There are also some courses in countries like France, Canada, Austria and Switzerland that do this over the real snow in mountains outdoors.  Clearly these are a lot more expensive however it really does depend on what you are looking for.  The whole “experience” of skiing is clearly a lot better this way.


Skiing equipment is not cheap but its important for your own safety you take some time out to make sure that you have the right stuff for the environment but also your safety.  There are many deaths each year on the ski slopes or mountains therefore take some guidance either on the internet of from a skiing professional as to what you require to purchase.  Some of the equipment needed will be:

  • Skiing boots – when you place your feet into these boots you should be able to move your toes freely but not your heel.  These can be a pretty expensive purchase therefore the option of hiring may be more appealing to you.
  • Hat / Gloves – If outdoors, you need to keep warm.  As the majority of heat escapes through the head then keeping the head covered is a must.
  • Eye protection – The snow can be a pretty dangerous thing and when skiing can bounce back up to the face / eyes.  Eye protection should be a consideration.


The weather plays an important factor in skiing as unless you are on a dry slope you need snow.  Many sites dotted around the country offer indoor dry slope skiing activities that clearly do not require the need for the weather to be good however the outdoor activities will.  If going abroad to do this, take a look at the weather conditions of that area before committing your money.  You may even want to contact the area direct.  Watch out for things like blizzards and heavy snow also.  As much as you want snow in the area, if it is heavy snowstorms it will not be safe to ski.