Best Tips For Healthy Cooking In Modern Kitchens

If you think that cooking is done only with some of the frozen packaged meals or some boxed cereals, then you need to change your cooking schedule and adopt some of the healthy cooking habits. The food you eat has the biggest responsibility to keep your health in an optimum state. If you are not eating healthy, you will not be able to supply your body with proper nutrients, which will eventually make your body ill. Researches show that wrong cooking methods kill all the nutrients of the food and make it unhealthy for body. It is important to know the best ways to cook food in a healthy manner.

Here are some tips for cooking food the healthy way.


Steaming is the process of cooking food in a closed environment along with steam. You can use a perforated basket resting over a pot of boiling water or with a wrapper or aluminium foil. There are also electric steamers available in the markets that are very convenient to use and also allow you to cook delicious and healthy food in very less time. Steaming cooks the food and seals the aroma and flavour of the food items within along with its nutritive value. This makes the food very delicious and nutritious. When you are cooking food by steaming, you need not to add extra fat or spices to give aroma and flavour as it is already sealed in the dishes. The best foods that could be cooked with steaming include vegetables like zucchini, asparagus, chicken breasts, shell fish and fish fillets.

Best Tips For Healthy Cooking In Modern Kitchens


Just like steaming, microwave also needs no fat to be added to the dishes to give extra flavours or aroma. Microwaves also seal the nutrition and flavours of the dishes within. As the microwaves are programmable and convenient to use, it is not possible to overcook or burn your recipe. You can decide the heat provided and time taken for cooking of the food. In microwave, you can cook a variety of foods like beets, broccoli, fish, chicken, carrots and many more.

Pressure Cooking

Pressure cooking is probably the most conservative and the best way of cooking healthy and nutritious food. The pressure cooking includes cooking food in a closed container with highly pressurised steam. Pressure cooking preserves the flavours and nutrients of the food to a great extent. Also, as there is no heat loss to the environment, it is also a very efficient way of cooking. It also keeps your kitchen environment cooler. Nowadays, induction pressure cookers are also available in the markets, which does not require additional stove to cook. You can buy induction pressure cooker online easily. Online kitchen appliance stores offer you great discounts on the prices of the best quality kitchen appliances.

With these cooking tips, you cannot not only cook delicious food, but also provide best nutrition to your body.

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