Best Historical Places To Explore Near Delhi

One of the most popular cities of the world, Delhi has many things that make it unique. From its rich history to the splendid food and ever bustling markets, Delhi has been the focus point of people coming to India from all over the world. Aptly called as the ‘Dilli dilwalon ki’ the city has etched it’s name in the most beautiful places in India with well maintained monument, advanced infrastructure and unmatched transportation facilities. If you are from Gia and want to visit the historical places then Delhi is the perfect location for you. Book your Goa to Delhi flights today to explore the history that gave way to the modern India. Here are some of the places near Delhi you must visit while in the city.

  1. Tughlaqabad Fort: It was constructed by Ghiyas-ud-clamor Tughlaq, the founder of the Tughlaq Dynasty in 1321. He was also called as Ghazi Malik, was the slave who served Khilji Dynasty under the Sultan Mubarak Khilji. Ghazi Malik headed out of the Khilji ruler and manufactured his own city of Tughlaqabad and the fort. Built up as the third noteworthy city, the fort was later deserted in 1327 after a condemnation given by Nizamuddin Auliya. The fortress is separated into three sections, main part  with houses built along a rectangular matrix between its entryways, a tower at its highest point known as Bijai-Mandal and the neighboring royal residence region containing the illustrious homes. The strengthened city contained man made lakes and other water tanks.
  1. Farrukhnagar: It was set up in 1732 by Faujdar Khan, the  Nawab of Farrukhnagar and a representative under Mughal Emperor. Farrukhnagar thrived because of its salt exchange till the late nineteenth century, and was surrendered in the mid twentieth century amid the British Raj. Sheesh Mahal and Jama Masjid are the prominent Mughal period landmarks situated in this town. Farrukh Nagar Fort, which was inherent the eighteenth century by Faujdar Khan, is one of the well known vacation spots in the town. The fortification has an amazing bastion Dilli Darwaza, with a complex Mughal engineering. It was one of the passage entryways to the Farukh Nagar town.
  1. Nuh: There are a few age old ruins around Nuh that go back to the fourteenth century. The highlight of these structures is the engineering and carvings on the red sandstone and dark quartzite. Chui Mai Pond is a rectangular old water tank with a cenotaph of red stone with excellent carvings. There is likewise a characteristic repository in Nalhad, a town 2 km from Nuh under the Aravalli Hills. There is additionally a Lord Shiva sanctuary. There is also Temple of Hathor situated therein which is accepted to be an antiquated structure.
  1. Kuchesar: The fortification was inherent the mid-eighteenth century by the Jat rulers and is encompassed by 100 acres of land with mango trees. Amid 1740, the Jats got to be solid military force who initially have a place with Mandoti in Haryana and were the relatives from the Jats of the Dalal sub-rank. The Kuchesar Fort was brought into the Ajit Singh’s family’s ownership in the eighteenth century when the Mughal sovereign Najib-ud-Daulah offered the Jat family with the title of Rao Bahadur and the Jagir of Kuchesar involving 365 towns. The mud post of Kuchesar was caught in 1763 however was recuperated by the Jat rulers by 1782 and it stayed under their control until British caught it in 1807. The Mud Fort has seven turrets built in guard against British gun assault.

Apart from the famous tourist places in Delhi there are many historical places near the city too that are worth your attention. However, book your tickets on Goa to Delhi flights in advance so as to save money.