How Colours Affect Your Mood

“Does colour really affect your mood? According to psychologists the answer is yes, and they can affect mood in a number of different ways.

Psychologist Dr Sally Augustin of the American Psychological Association states that:

“Room colour, particularly in your home, can dramatically affect moods, feelings and emotions.

“Colours that are less saturated and relatively bright, such as sage green, are relaxing to look at. Meanwhile, colours that are saturated and not very bright, like a rich sapphire blue, are energizing to look at.”

Dr Augustin is a specialist in colour psychology, the field that explores how different colours can make you feel.

Regal Paints – a British paint manufacturer – was interested in this area so did some research for itself, and created this graphic which tells you more about how various colours affect the way you feel. And they also make suggestions based in their research of colours that will work around the house.

Why not give them a go and see if a lick of paint can change the way you feel? Maybe an orange kitchen will stimulate your appetite; perhaps a dark blue office space will make you more productive; and maybe a purple living room will add a touch of luxury to your home. Take a look at the graphic and find some inspiration!

How Colours Affect Your Mood