Are You Planning A Trip To Munnar?

Munnar, recognized as of the most famous hill stations, is stationed in the stunning state of Kerala in South India. This beautiful place has always attracted a number of tourists, nature lovers and the one who are fond of enthusiasts from all around the world. It surely makes up as one of the most refreshing destinations with its serene tranquility and peace environment away from the hush-hush city. You are certainly going to love its natural beauty enveloped under thick layers of gorgeous emerald forest and breathtaking spice and tea plantation. Needless to state, the little tranquil arena is a delight for adventure lovers too; with its luxurious greenery and hilly terrains, it certainly calls for a number of campers and trekkers from across the world to relish its hidden beauty sparkled with panoramas of alluring waterfalls, teeming birdlife and sprinkling rivulets. If you exclusively are considering for a trip to Munnar and relish its beauty by staying in astounding Munnar resorts, do not think twice, just go for IT! If you are looking for a travel guide for holiday penning down the best tourism places and attractions in this picturesque arena, read on for a consolidated vacation guide with its best things to be done when on a weekend trip to Munnar!

Do not miss an amazing stroll among the sprawling Tea Estates of Kolukkumalai

Popularly recognized as the land of tea gardens, a trip to Munnar would be not complete without taking a move down to some of its eye-catching beauties. Stationed approximately 40 km. from Munnar is the gorgeous Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, stretched at an area of around 7900 ft. and stated to be one of the biggest on the planet. Covered among the rolling hills with lush greenery covered in veils of mist and with a refreshing cold wind which exclusively carries a dense aroma of tea leaves, a stay here is certain to leave you fully rejuvenated. When you arrive this place, do not obliterate to take a sip of some enticing assortment of teas developed in its around hundred years old place that still utilizes conventional procedures of tea production; heedless to state, what makes your tea a WOW experience here all the more relishable is the enticing vistas of the nature’s beautification all around. When you are in this place in the evening just wait for the sunset time, you will enjoy sun sprinkling the gardens and hills with its golden-orange hues; nothing short of a beauty at its best, it would certainly be a sight to engrave and behold in your experience forever.

Take a trip to the Anamudi Peak

If you are also amongst those who just love trekking who desire to have an essence of trekking the peak of Anamudi. Hiking at extremely common exercise at this gorgeous place, it still needs a special permission from the authorities of the national park. So, when outlining a trekking trip here, do make certain you make all the organizations accordingly and in advance. Knowing a fair insight on the forecasted weather conditions on your day of trekking is further asked and which will keep you away from getting trapped in last minute poor weather conditions.

In Eravikulam National Park Acknowledge A tête-à-tête with the Nilgiri Tahr

Are You Planning A Trip To Munnar?

Stationed just around 15 km. from Munnar, Eravikulam National Park is one of the most beautiful places to be in when you are vacationing in this outrageous hill station of Kerala. Stretched over a outrageous region of 95 square kilometres and furnished with shola grasslands and lush green forests different to the region, the lawn makes for an exceptional residence to a number of wild animals involving sambar deer, gaurs, small-clawed otters, Indian muntjacs, Indian bisons, golden jackals,  and a range of mongoose. Among all these wild creatures the one which is most relished and captures all the attention is the endangered and rare  Nilgiri Tahr; with around 750 of these delightful mountain goats staying here and relishing a great time amidst their beautiful environment, no wonder! Space calls for infinite wildlife lovers every year to offer them a rendezvous with these lovely and shy creatures, generally found resting under the shade of thick trees, sitting on the rocks, and grazing in the bushes, providing candid poses to all the expert wildlife photographers.

So, this fascinating and unique place is unlike other hill stations, you can book a Munnar Resort online and get yourself rejuvenated this weekend.