All About Australians and Romantic Celebrations

Flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, and romantic dinners – these are just some of the dozen mainstay symbols of Valentine’s Day in the Land Down Under. Many Australians are big fans of the Valentine’s Day, but barely few have the slightest idea about the interesting facts and theories about this well-loved day.

The Story behind Valentine’s Day

No single theory behind the celebration of Valentine’s Day has been exclusively accepted by historians. However, the most popular theory is that the celebration’s origins stem from Christian beliefs. Based on the Catholic Church teachings, there are at least three different saints (all of whom are martyrs) with the name Valentine or Valentinus.

All About Australians and Romantic Celebrations

One story has it that a certain Valentine during the reign of Emperor Claudius II defied the rules when he continued performing marriages for young lovers despite the emperor’s decision of banning such activities. As a result, Valentine was executed, making him a martyr. Another story is that one person named Valentine helped Christians escape the harsh treatment and environment of Roman prisons. This Valentine, according to legends, fell in love with the daughter of one of his jailors. The Valentine is believed to have sent letters to the jailor’s daughter, signed with “From your Valentine.”

While the origins of Valentine’s Day are quite controversial and unclear at its best, different theories share at least one principle: unpretentious and unconditional love for one another rules. Regardless of the “real” story behind this celebration, one thing’s for sure: Valentine’s Day has become the universal day of celebrating love and compassion.

Valentine’s Day in Australia

February 14 had become a popular day in Australia since time immemorial. Decades ago, this celebration was only a hit in the United States, but after some years, other countries including Australia caught the essence and importance of this celebration. In Australia, during the Valentine’s Day, married couples, dating couples, and even single and unattached Australians never fail to find time to celebrate the day. Common traditions include exchanging of gifts, flowers and chocolates, dining at lavish restaurants, watching romantic movies, and even traveling to exotic vacation destinations. Needless to say, it is the day when flower designers, cake decorators, restaurant owners, and even musicians and DJ hire Sydney professionals are the busiest.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day, however, need not to be always expensive and lavish. If you are on a budget, you will always find a way to celebrate the Heart’s Day without compromising the way you express your love to your significant other. You can always have an affordable yet meaningful date by watching romantic movies at home with your significant other, or have a candlelit dinner at the comforts of your home. You may also ask your florist to give you affordable flower arrangement options. The bottom line is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, if you have the resources, spending more during this day would not hurt.

Deciding What to Do on Heart’s Day

If you don’t have any idea yet on how to celebrate the Valentine’s Day this year with your significant other, you should know that preparation is the key. If you wish to dine in a fancy restaurant, make sure to place your reservation weeks before February 14 as you will be competing with hundreds of couples just to secure a table, especially if you plan to eat at a popular restaurant. In case you want it to be extra unique, you can set up a dinner and invite a string quartet (if you’re in the mood for some classical music), or contact a DJ hire Sydney (if you want it to be more lively and modern), to play. No matter how you choose to celebrate the occasion, it all boils down to the effort that you will make.