A List Of 6 Best Places For Ice Skating!

A List Of 6 Best Places For Ice Skating!

Undeniably ice skating is the most exciting activity, especially among the teenagers. This is because it allows teens to engage in an amazing activity for physical fitness and nonstop fun.

If you have already laced up your skates, and ready for a spin around the world’s best ice skating then you’re reading the right post.

A List Of 6 Best Places For Ice Skating!

Check out the information shared in the below passage to figure out the coolest places to ice skate with a mind-blowing view.

1.    Vienna Ice Dream, Vienna

Vienna Ice Dream is a great platform for ice skating for beginners as well as professionals.

When you will skate over Vienna Ice Dream, you will truly feel like you’re floating in a fairytale. The Vienna Ice Dream is over 23,000 square feet and is surrounded with illuminated lights.

The best time to skate is on weekends as there is a great number of skaters get together for this exciting activity. If you’re ready for action then you should indulge in this outdoor activity.

2.    National Gallery Of Art, Washington, DC

This gallery is Located on the National Mall which is surrounded by modern works of art. If you want to enjoy the skating in the open air then you should discover this spot for unlimited fun.

The most amazing feature of this skating spot is the special nights with music from local DJs. By doing this you will not only have fun in special nights but also enhance your expertise in a worthy activity. Otherwise you will miss a great option to make the most of this amazing activity.

3.    City Park Ice Rink, Budapest

If you’re planning to spend your winter to enhance skating then you should become a member of city park ice Rink. The reason behind this is that in the winter, you can get a chance to spin around the frozen lake in City Park.

Moreover you will get a chance to enjoy the view of the Great Castle in the background.  It is ranks among the largest outdoor skating areas of the Europe like assignment writing service helps in the lengthy projects.

4.    Banff Lake Louise, Canada

It is true to say that when anyone skates over Banff Lake Louise, s/he will forget the man-made rinks of skating. If you want to skate on the natural wonder then you should add this place in your list. Banff’s Lake Louise is formed on a UNESCO World Heritage site.

It is surrounded by the snow-capped rocky mountain range near Canada’s most scenic lakes. Thus, make sure to explore this outclass place for skating to fulfill your passion in the right place.

5.    Rockefeller Center, New York

It is one of the famous ice skating rinks in America in the New York City. While skating in Rockfeller Center you will get the hand on opportunity to explore the skyscrapers of the city.

Additionally if you visit this place in holidays you will get the chance to enjoy the lights especially in the winter season.

Don’t miss this opportunity, search more about Rockefeller over the internet to have hands on experience of skating in an amazing place.

6.    Dubai Ice Rink, Dubai

Dubai Ice rink is the best Ice skating platform for people of the Middle East. Dubai has the most modern ice rink in the Middle East region.

It is the best opportunity to take a break from the desert heat and chill out in the chilled environment at any time of the year.
So, if you want to beat the heat while living in an extremely hot environment then you should join Dubai ice rink. Else, you will miss a great option to enjoy the ice skating in a desert.

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