A Guide To The Perfect Foodie’s Holiday

Holidays are some of the most special times in our lives. One of the main reasons we love them is they give us a great excuse to gorge on wonderful food.

Even the more health conscious people will let their hair down on holiday. Delighting your taste buds with all that delicious foods is easily one of our favourite vacation perks. And no guilt too! For a foodie, it’s absolute heaven.

If you’re looking to go on a holiday any time soon, here’s how to ensure it’s one that your taste buds will remember.

Go Somewhere Known For Good Food

It goes without saying that the first thing to look for is good food. You’ll be likely to find somewhere decent regardless of where you travel. Nonetheless, heading to somewhere with plenty of great food is an obvious step to take.

These perfect foodie honeymoon destinations are all great locations to visit. There are also plenty of great street foods around the world while other cities are known for their awesome cuisine too. The key is to do your research and find a place that is guaranteed to satisfy your needs.

A Guide To The Perfect Foodie’s Holiday

Seek Comfort

Even at home, it’s hard to truly appreciate food when we feel tired and groggy. If food is a major part of your holiday plans, then you should aim to find the best accommodation available.

Good sleep and a little hotel luxury won’t just improve your eating experiences. It will make the whole holiday seem better. Quality vacation rentals aren’t hard to source, and will make a huge improvement to your stay. Not least for your eating habits.

Choose Your Company With Care

There’s nothing worse than visiting a city with all this wonderful food, and then not being able to try it. If you travel with a fussy eater, it could be the scenario you face.

For a food lover, it is the equivalent of being a child in a sweetshop. You want to taste it all. Do not travel with the one friend who will want to play safe with three trips to McDonalds each day.

Holidays provide some of our favourite moments. But they do have the potential to tear friendships apart. If your travel partner is scared to try new food, it could strain your relationship fast.

A Guide To The Perfect Foodie’s Holiday

Know What You’re Eating

For a real foodie, there’s no better holiday experience than adding a new dish to their repertoire. However, you have to put in the effort to get it.

If you eat something extra nice at a friend’s house, you will probably ask them for the recipe. But when it comes to holidays, we’re often scared to ask. If you taste something that you really love, it would be a shame if you never get a chance to eat again.

Some chefs might not want to disclose the details, which is fine. However, the worst they can say ‘no’. If you’re still too frightened to ask, you can always make a note of the dish name and ingredients.

Let’s face it, the internet will probably show you how to make the dish.