6 Service Desk Softwares That Will Change Your Customer Relationships For The Better

Bpm’online Service Desk Software

It is essential for modern companies to keep their customers and employees happy. It is a question of vital importance for both midsize businesses and large enterprises from all industry areas. This is why organizations pay special attention to the choice of the right helpdesk software. They do their best to find the platform that can satisfy all their particular needs and requirements. Today we’ve decided to help you compare different solutions and choose the most suitable one for your business. Here is the list of six best service desk systems with their key features, virtues, and shortcomings.


It is a cloud application with out-of-the-box processes aimed at full-cycle service management. The software lets support professionals manage client requests automatically, personalize communications with every buyer, and store the information on the issues in the same database. With bpm’online helpdesk software you can organize case processing in the most convenient way, taking into account priorities of issues and other parameters. The system lets help desk reps create different types of queues, change requests when necessary, and analyze the work of the whole department. All the information on the company’s work can be stored in the same place, which significantly simplifies its analysis and manipulation.

Pros: Bpm’online is based, first of all, on innovative technologies. It provides a really fantastic work environment, as all the company’s business processes are streamlined and automated.

Cons: Some users say that with this software their organizations grow very dynamically, and some of the stuff find themselves not ready for such rapid changes.

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