6 Reasons Why Traveling Improves Your Health

Don’t you wish to retain your youthfulness beyond fifty? Like you, I, envy the men and women who in their sixties and seventies look nothing older than 40. If asked, most of these individuals highlight their healthy eating habits, workout regimens and some have great genes.

The first two are critical. But, science is including a third secret, traveling.  This article highlights those benefits that will get you planning your vacation now.

  1. It boosts brain health

Wouldn’t you wish for your brain to serve you into your old age?  Perhaps you are exercising your brain by reading and solving puzzles every day. Well, that is great in strengthening the brain muscle but they don’t beat or match traveling.

When traveling, you challenge your brain to choose between alternate options fast; you learn new things, new cultures, history, languages and you make present and plans. You may not think much into these but, traveling could be all you require to be the best personal injury lawyer. The constant exposure to information prevents shrinking of the hippocampus, the information retention center.

  1. It makes you active physically

As long as you are traveling, you will be on the move always. Physical activity gets your heart pumping, and it improves your heart’s and lung’s health making you healthier. You will also lose weight in the process. An active heart has less bad cholesterol and a low risk for high blood pressure. It also reduces stress hormones by increasing your feel-good hormones making you happier. Sounds like something you should do now, doesn’t it?

  1. It destresses

As mentioned above, you will feel happier when you travel. But, besides moving actively, traveling takes you away from your home, family and work life and with that, the problems in your life stay behind – out of sight out of mind.

Why is this important? You will be able to relax, and when your problems aren’t on top of your mind, your stress hormone levels drop. You also get to appreciate the little things in life and with time, you attain the work-life balance you have been singing about.

While de-stressing, traveling makes it easier for you to deal with stress and you cope better even in the most stressful situations because traveling has its stresses. You will have to learn to live with flight delays and confusion in your travel agent’s itinerary. You get to overcome fear and develop better-coping strategies when traveling.

  1. It increases your creativity

This is one of the reasons why you should travel the world alone. This happens because you will have to form connections with strangers and if you are shy, then you will need your wit to strike a conversation. Traveling abroad leads to multi-cultural engagement and adaptation, and this leads to a creative boost. You can get out of a trouble easier having interacted with different people.

  1. It lowers the risk of depression

Depression is a major health problem, and many people tend to overlook it. Millions from across the world struggle with depression and doctors over prescribe medication. But, if you are seeking a healthier alternative, try travel. It helps you escape that hopeless state, and new experiences lead to a surge in serotonin and dopamine, the relaxing and feel-good hormones. Social connections also play a part in boosting your mood and thoughts.

  1. New health interventions and remedies

Finally, you can’t turn down the opportunity to try out new health and lifestyle remedies. When traveling, you uncover simple lifestyle and health solutions that could easily cure your chronic illness or point you in the direction of healthy living.

What do you think? Will you be making that trip abroad this year? You know you deserve it, right?