5 Things We Should Know About Pet Foods

Many pet owners have different preferences on the type of food for their pets. They could choose specific brands. Pet foods are also available in many sizes and shapes. There are also dry food and wet, canned food. Therefore, it is important for pet owners to have proper information to base their buying decisions. Pet food producers could promise us with nutritionally-balanced products that are made through continuous researches. There are a number of things we should know about food for our pets:

1. Beware of specific Marketing Terms

Marketing terms like “premium” and “choice” are often used for our pet foods. Pet foods have different references and claim on their advertising and labels that define the grade and quality. Although a brand has a “premium” label, it doesn’t always mean that the ingredients are premium. This term is often only used as a marketing trick to encourage more sales. We shouldn’t use these terms as a ways to describe the quality of our food.

5 Things We Should Know About Pet Foods

2. Some pet Foods are actually “Fast Foods”

Some pet foods are tasty enough for pets, but they could have dubious nutritional values. After eating specific brand of foods, our pet could start to experience slight health problems, such as increased blood pressure and weight. When choosing foods for our pets, we should consider balanced composition between fat, protein, moisture and essential nutrients. As an example, foods made from chicken feet and cow innards could be designated as protein sources, but they may contain higher percentage of cholesterol and fat. We should also be aware that pet foods can be made from euthanized cows. In this case, the meat could contain pentabarbitol and other killer drugs. Such a meat is unsuitable for both human and animal consumption.

3. Pet Foods can be made from leftovers

Some pet food brands could be made from various discarded leftovers, including organs, skin, ear and others.

4. Chemical preservatives can be used

It is a commonly known “secret” that pet food producers us chemical preservatives to keep their products edible for animas. Popular preservatives used in food are BHA and BHT, which are linked to cancer and tumours. Ethoxyquin is another preservative and it is also linked with cancer. In human diet, these substances are allowed only in very tiny quantity. However, due to more relaxed standards in animal food production, they could be available in large quantity. Pet owners should check the ingredient labels and see whether BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin are listed anywhere.

5. Pets deserve Human-Grade Food

It is simple enough, what’s bad for us is also bad for pets. Truly premium pet food products only contain ingredients that are safe for human to eat for a long period of time. It should have balanced composition of fat, protein and nutrients. The cholesterol level should be low and the use of chemical substances is very minimal. In some countries, the use of human-grade ingredients for animals is a requirement and it is a good idea to choose imported products from these countries, if such a regulation isn’t applied in our country.