5 Of The Hardest Countries In The World To Get A Travel Visa

Getting a travel visa can be a rather tedious process, especially if you’re looking to travel to a country that’s reluctant to even issue them out. If you’re someone who travels frequently, it’s important for you to be aware about the travel and tourist regulations that are present in each destination. So here are 5 of the most difficult countries for you to get a travel visa.

North Korea

Needless to say, North Korea comes out straight up top in this list. This is primarily because they don’t have diplomatic relations with many countries (or even any country for that matter), making it difficult for external visits to be made. It’s not impossible, but definitely unlikely.

United States

It’s probably surprising for you to see the US listed here, given the sheer number of tourists that travel to and fro from the states. Nevertheless, their regulations are significantly stricter than other countries. The US is highly concerned about immigrants entering the country on a travel visa, only to end up residing there on a permanent basis.

This has led to the US implementing even stricter rules to prevent this issue from worsening. Also, they have an extremely keen eye on criminal activity. This means that if you’ve ever been convicted for a crime, your visa application will most likely end up rejected. However, if you’re like the vast majority of people going to the USA then once you get professional help to get a US visa , you’ll have no problems.


China has a very complex and stringent set of regulations that are set in place. Meeting their criteria isn’t impossible when it comes to visa applications, but it’s definitely one of the hardest to get approval. Their cultures differ greatly from Western nations, which is probably what makes them so reluctant on allowing tourists to enter their space in hopes of avoiding unwanted misunderstandings.


To put things very simply, the only way that you’re getting into Iran is if you already know an Iranian who lives there. You’ll need someone who’s already in Iran to apply for a visa on your behalf. Naturally, regulations of such a complicated nature only equates to an even more complicated set of procedures. In other words, your visa application to enter Iran is going to be a very big hassle.


The thing about Sudan is that getting visa approval is pretty difficult for pretty much every single passport holder out there. But if you have an Israeli visa stamp in your passport, you can pretty much forget about even setting foot on their soil. The Sudanese are extremely relentless on this rule, and there’s literally no way around it.