4 Seasons In The US: Perfect Time For Your Next Vacation

4 Seasons In The US: Perfect Time For Your Next Vacation

The United States has four seasons throughout the year; Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Since the weather varies from state to state depending on the time of year, it should be one of your main considerations when planning a trip to the US. After all, you wouldn’t want to camp out on a rainy day or freeze during a cold snowy night. To have a great time, here are ways you can make the most of each season in the country:

4 Seasons In The US: Perfect Time For Your Next Vacation


Winter in the US usually starts on the 21st of December and ends on the 20th of March. During this time, snowfall is apparent in most states in the country. However, South and South Central parts such as Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Texas have very little chance of experiencing snow. While North, Northeast, and North Central parts such as New York, Vermont, Delaware and New Jersey tend to have more snow. If you plan to go on trips up North during winter, you are sure to encounter icy roads and colder winds, especially in the middle of the season. However, if you love skiing, sledding and snowball fights with your friends – then plan that northern US vacation pronto.


Spring typically starts on the 21st of March to the 20th of June. Although springtime is when flowers bloom and tree leaves are at their greenest, the winds still have traces of the cold winter months. This is the perfect time to visit various natural spots in America, especially the parks and the botanical gardens. Just take note that this season also comes with the danger of pollen allergies, so if you are indeed allergic to pollens in the air, make sure to take necessary precautions during your holiday. Another downside is that spring is the season of rain. You can’t do much when everything starts to get wet, so you might want to take a good look at the country’s numerous indoor attractions.


The 21st of June marks the start of the summer season in the USA. This will end on the 20th of September. This is the busiest season for the country when it comes to tourism. You can take advantage of the sun’s full-blast heat and since daylight savings is implemented, you have more time to spend outdoors. You could hike the mountains, backpack your way around various states, or go rent an RV to use for your road trip. You might want to visit the beaches of California and Florida too. Just note that most places are usually packed in this season, but that gives you the chance to meet and get acquainted with new people.


The last season of the year starts on the 21st of September. Leaves turn orange or red and travelers who love foliage watching come out in droves. This season is second to spring when it comes to rain though, so better pack umbrellas and rain coats. Skies darken early as well, which means you need to be smarter at scheduling your itinerary. For the most part however, the weather during this time of the year is pleasant. The air starts to become chilly again and pumpkin lattes are in order. You can go apple and pumpkin picking as well.

As a whole, the United States has plenty to offer visitors no matter what season you visit. So just figure out what type of attraction you wish to see and which activities you want to take part in, and then make sure to organize your vacation schedule well to have the best time.